1. This would work if she’s a 19 years old rebel chick…. Miss Murphy is a mom…..

    I love her in those Rich, all American classic look.

  2. @Shelton

    Edgy is young, rebel and fresh….. Yes, Carolyn is more seasoned Classic…. this didn’t work.

    Carolyn is a 37 year old Mom…. this is more like Taylor Momsen look.

    Is Lindsay Wixson not available???

  3. I don’t really see CM in this style of images, wrong choice of model. The styling, hair, hmmm just doesn’t work.

  4. I have to say I agree, she is very beautiful but this just doesn’t work for her.

    Get this woman some more ad campaigns!

  5. someone like daria or freja will be perfect for this.

    girls like lindsey wont be able to pull off this look.

  6. i remember when Carolyn was new to the scene, this was the look she was known for edgy and tough, , not the sun-kissed classic grace kelly lookalike she morphed into later. Great to see her bringing some of the old school flavour back

  7. agreeing with comments above–I think Carolyn pulls it off very well.

    Right now, Lindsey is too “girly” for this look…maybe when she is older

    And you know what? I think this is edgy with a very strong classic twist.

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