1. This is amazing…they don’t know how important this is for me..Alright, maybe it’s not that life-changing, but this is in fact something new, pretty ground-breaking too and since I’m incredibly about male models, maybe two pinches life-changing. Great job DETAILS

  2. Actual fashion models on the cover of Details? Wow! Amazing news. Kudos to Details for NOT featuring another typical Hollywood actor or musician in their cover promoting some new movie, TV show, or album that no one cares about. Hope to see more models in the future covers.

  3. OH MY LORD….

    I must get going to the gym, like, RIGHT NOW!

    I look like a bloated elephant with down symdrome compared to these perfects…

  4. Finally a magazine who gave the models the opportunity to shine. Great job details I’m sure the sales on this magazine cover will rise. Lets continue to give models the opportunity that they deserve. Not to mention they are all appealing and Details finally got it right. So many amazing male and female models lets give them the what they deserve. ” Awesome Job “

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