1. She looks like Cindy Crawford in the first picture.

    Alas, she’s not fully naked…. she’s wore too much make up

  2. Amazing. I think she deserves back to top 50 models. Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign, Vogue Nippon cover girl, Givenchy catwalk. This girl is unstoppable.

  3. There’s already 70+ girls in what’s supposed to be the “top 50” models, So I don’t think there’s much room for Izabel. Some models need to be removed though *cough* Jamie Bochert *cough*.

  4. she is pretty and brazilian!
    she’s not something soooo special!
    beautiful pics though!
    way too skinny for likes!

  5. I don’t think she should’ve been wearing any makeup, it would’ve made the pictures look much more raw, and with the makeup it looks forced. But Izabel is gorgeous and I love her as a model, and this editorial is good over all.

  6. @shelton

    You got my point. Yes, would be a truly naked if she wore less make up…… sometimes a naked model with lots of make up feels more covered.

    I love Izabel too…. she’s really a sweet Angel. VS could have used her more, before moving to the new Batch.

  7. Sometimes I can’t understand models.com. There’s no place for Izabel at top 50 models, but there is place for Jamie Bochert (#12), who doesn’t have any work published since september 2010 in her profile, and Carol Trentini who is out of top 50 models has (after september/10) 6 eds for american vogue, spanish vogue cover, etc.

  8. She was in Letterman last night as one of the 10 Sport’s Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit Model…. and She got the hottest Body in my opinion…..

    Russian Beauty Irina Shayk got the cover…

    Also Anne V. and Hillary Rhoda…..

    Also, Hillary in my opinion has the best toned and sculpted Body…. you can tell that she really worked to be inshape and she is so regal and classy….. still has that Million Dollar face!

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