Belgian Delight

Geoffroy Jonckheere may have one of the tongue-twistiest names in the biz but that hasn’t stopped this young man from becoming one of the most requested faces around. See his dual eyewear ads running right now for YSL and Armani Jeans. The combination of an elegant profile and stop-you-in-your-tracks blue eyes makes for a splendidly winning combination. More to definitely come.

Ph Giovanni Aponte for Posh. courtesy of Why Not

Polaroids courtesy of Major/mother agency IMM Bruxelles.

  1. offense to him..but as long as you’re normal white guy that you see your school, down the street, at the bar or whatever you can become a model but if you have a different skin color other than white it’s almost impossible to break in the group?

  2. he’s really sexy! and his voice!!!!
    i don’t uderstand why you guys didn’t do anything on him before!
    want him on the top 50!!!

  3. I like him. He looks older, which is ironically refreshing to all the adolescent looking models working today. It makes him seem very avuncular and virile.

  4. agree re the newman vibe and the boyish virility we so need in men’s fashion these days!