1. I still can’t figure out why most ppl here always complain about female models look awful this and there. But, for male models…not much..Hmm…

    Anyway, yeah…these young men looks good on their owns.

  2. not really a fan of armpit shots. i always find them very distracting. other than that, all the guys look great. best shots…vladimir, josh, and ash.

  3. Francisco and Simon are my favorites among the boys here, and by the way some comments made me laugh so hard. So many people are into armpits and nipples.LOL <3

  4. thoses images are old right ?
    they are from the same images shot for the models.com with the models holding letters righ?

  5. I can’t look at Francisco and process logical thought…

    Ash Stymest looks so serene and innocent…and then you watch him on YouTube.

    Beautiful photos.

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