Happy Feet

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin create the feel good editorial of the moment, with a clever nod to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Raquel Zimmermann and choreographer Stephen Galloway strut their stuff in a series of dancer poses in Vogue Nippon. The cheerful story features some incredible gowns by YSL and Marc Jacobs, that seem made for movement. George Cortina ‘s expert styling never fails to delight and here it is especially on point.

  1. Raquel is the bomb because she’s always believable. She always makes everything look amazing because she doesn’t look like she’s thinking about it.

  2. Raquel looks very dynamic here!

    @ models.com, the fifth girl in Just Cavalli is Caroline Brasch Nielsen.

  3. i’m the biggest fan of I&V. even before they started taking fashion photos. so it’s sad to notice lately in 3 major editorials and 2 ads where they’re slowly starting to lose their touch. (W actor’s portfolio, W tom ford w/ lara stone, jimmy choo, nina ricci and now this.)

    all the elements are here – 2 great models and styling. what’s missing is that surrealist touch to their final edit. that slight “off-ness”. (granted their february vogue nippon cover of karen was brilliant.)

    if i was shown these pictures without any names mentioned i wouldn’t have been able to guess it was shot by them. it looks like many studio photographers out there. what is going on?

  4. there’s only a certain amount of individuals who deserve being given the title of “model” and Raquel dilvers EVERY single time without missing a beat. she truly is a SUPERMODEL. modeling industry is all about youth but all these new youngin’s have nothing against such true professionals like Raquel. new faces…watch…and learn;.)

  5. Look at the lines on Raquel! She is an amamzing models, and one of the most relevant of the 00s. Now. To me this looks like a studio I&V shoot. Their signature is in-fact capturing shapes, and they seem to like energy. I like this. (It’s much better than Jamie B. last May in V., where they used a similar theme.)

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