Floral Notes

Magdalena Frackowiak‘s ethereal beauty is on full display for Numero. Solve Sundsbo transforms the lithe model into a surreal white-blonde nymph replete with flowers dangling from her mouth.  The image is as haunting as anything we’ve seen so far this year and is yet another attractive addition to Magdelena’s growing list of 09 covers. She also graces this month’s Vogue Russia in a sailor inspired ensemble worthy of Esther Williams, not as instantly inspiring as the Numero shoot but certainly something fetching. Which of this month’s Magdelena covers do you prefer?


Magdelena Frackowiak by Solve Sunsdbo | Image courtesy Elite Paris via DNA, Vogue Scan by achAT

  1. She always seems to have to have hair in her face or her face turned in every picture… I wish she would be shot straight on more often.

  2. she could have stayed in the exact same position from the vogue shot, just moved her hand and eyeballs, someone tousled her hair and covered lips and brows, stuck a flower in her mouth, and called it numero. beautiful anyway

  3. love the make up on Numero! OMG! i missed Numero magazine! I need to catch up! i didn’t buy the magazine since Naomi on the cover! That issue was so amazing!

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