1. OMG this is awesome! For the ones who said VS girls in Vogues was just a trend.. here you have it, beautiful Candice looking gorgeous on VI COVER by Meisel! … Natasha, better luck next time! ha-ha! :p

  2. I hate how everyone reduces VS models as “commercial” when they are really not. True catalog/commercial models would kill to have the fashion trajectory that Miranda, Candice, Erin, Alessandra etc had at the beginning of their careers. They’re cute fashion/editorial girls who can do commercial–not the other way around. VS only uses fashion girls and on top of that, those girls are seasoned in fashion.

    Candice did some killer eds when she was younger…

  3. i agree with pix, i mean, it’s an amazing shot, that’s true. but it’s sort of obvius, very safe… and 5 months ago, miranda kerr did almost the same thing: the sexy girl in vogue italia, OMG! but this time, there’s no OMG.
    having said that, candice looks incredible!

  4. Vintage tacky is still tacky. I’m not in the mood for 90’s glam and this is quite boring, not particularly well executed. Oh well.

    P.S. Both sides in this inane VS vs HF discussion are equally delusional and unwilling to accept that others may disagree. I don’t think I’ve ever read a sane comment on the subject. D.S.

  5. I like Candice commercially, but I just don’t see high fashion. I see it with Miranda & Alessandra, but Candice looks a bit too Sports Illustrated for me(and there is nothing wrong with that).

  6. I’m surprised . I thought this was Russian or British vogue at first. Italian vogue I would not have guessed

  7. Candice swanepoel is gorgeous sexy she has deserved her spot I think she is the hottest Victoria secert model now and she does derseve how far she has risen and I hope to see her in SI swimsuit edition 2011

  8. Now THIS is what a model should look like! Look at that face! Look at that body! She makes the clothes and accessories look amazing!

  9. Carlyne Cerf is back! First the epic footballers wives in v with sebastian faena, then the chanel campaign and now a vogue italia cover with God! amazing come back. i adore this!

  10. I love this cover and i love Candice.
    Great boom for her career.
    Testino, now Meisel and then i hope for a high fashion campaign like

  11. I think it’s a beautiful cover, and she looks like a Goddess. Much better than that trashy editorial she did with Testino for VMan. So what if Meisel is referencing the 90’s? That was a great decade for him creatively.

  12. Surprising Beautiful – I can see why Meisel likes the catalogue girls . They have to pump out those 90 shots a day in the hideous clothes that VS offer and when shooting with the best like Meisel and with the clothing etc the likes of Miranda , Candice etc must be in heaven – great workers , great images .

  13. Wow! Always loved Candice way before her VS contract, she can do both commercial and high end stuff effortlessly.

  14. I love it…..

    So Sexy, so Fashion and yet so Candice….

    It’s not pretentious, in a way like…. “Look at me! I’m High Fashion and Edgy! “

  15. @doodiva of course she’s no Gisele, Gisele is in a league of her own. NO model comes close to what she gives to the camera, not Kate, not Linda E.. maybe Naomi. That said, Candice looks great; to make it look like a 90’s cover and Candice like a 90’s model in this day and age without looking stupid is pretty genius.

  16. kimber hair from Nip/Tick

    i wanted to see them transform her.

    that chain is hideous and the gray backdrop makes this look like it took 5 minutes to shoot.

    idk. she’s obviously gorgeous. but i wanted to see her a little lesssss obvious.

  17. a great mix of talent here (and unexpected since they haven’t worked in ages). i just wish carlyne, steven and pat would have created something even more spectacular with candice’s look to really WOW me for a cover. i don’t mind a sexy candice on VI but i want images that aren’t banal.

  18. I love to see a change on VI! and wow all it takes is for Meisel to be impressed and voila you can shoot with him. Somewhere down the line Miranda and Candice impressed him somehow. Kudos girls!!!! I find blank aliens to get boring just as much as overtly sexy VS models can be. I love a model who an mix it up! they are the best models and reminiscent of the talent seen in icons such as Linda,Cindy,Christy,Claudia,etc…those girls did it all; why does it have to be all about commercial vs. hf now? IMO that is why there is NO Supermodel era anymore. Its’ too divided. HF girls got prestige but no fame; commercial girls got fame but no prestige. That’s why gotta give props to Gisele!! I don’t think its the most amazing cover, but I dont think VI covers always have to be “omg experimental,genius,edgy” blah blah blah. Sometimes a simple sexy pretty image just….works. (Meisel loves a reaction too, and putting Candice; THE most popular, VS model on the planet on a VI cover seems to be getting just that)

  19. @Carola

    You’re blowing smoke up your a$$…. Gisele is great but she’s not Linda Evangelista. Not even Kate.

  20. And to all Haters…..

    This is a Great Cover! Simply Gorgeous.

    What else are you trying to expect??? A bleached eyebrows??

  21. VS takeover!!!!!….. i love how they’re erasing the line between commercial and high fashion, like the supers of past decades hopefully we will see supers in the future…since people say the supers are an era long gone

  22. I have absolutely nothing against Candice (I actually think that, despite the fact she’s a bit commercial, she can take it to the next level, if she’s not told to be sexy), but this cover is just meeeh…It doesn’t look VI at all…just Vogue Br or Vogue Mexico…Not doing anything for me! Wish Meisel would take Candice and turned her into some soft fairy or something less obvious. ‘Cause Candice as a sexy bombshell? Yeah, not obvious at all. She was not like born to be that! 😉

    Anyway, congrats to Candice! That is huge! 🙂


  23. Defs in agreement with ‘PeterModelObsessed’ she looks like a combination of Amber and Cameron. Look I love Candice, she’s beautiful and sexy and perfect!! The styling is very 70’s but hey nothing against that!! The only thing letting it down in my eyes is the hair . . . ?

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