1. Love Terry, but I don’t really like this cover at all. And I don’t particularly like Laetitia, in this picture or otherwise…

    *lays himself down on a rock, surrendering to the mass of Laetitia fans running towards him with rocks, knives and other harmful objects*

  2. Laetitia really should be on the icons list. They should expand it to 25 so they can add her, Stella Tennant, Karolina Kurkova etc…

  3. I think they should make a top 50 icons list with girls like Alek Wek and Shalom Harlow, who are not getting much work lately, but are still icons(they can make a comeback at any given moment, like Kirsten McNemany). Anyways, I hate Terry, love Laetitia!!

  4. @Lily

    Laetitia has already been selected as a Marianne placing her alongside Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve among others. To be made an icon in any’other’icon list after that is superfluous and unnecessary.

  5. @ Michael

    Marianne is simply a symbol of France. It is already iconic: a lot of celebrated and great women are already selected as Marianne and Laetitia is one of them.

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