1. so effortless.i love how shes not trying too hard.

    BTW janelle chanel iman has a multi spread in the Feb issue of Elle UK.quite good

  2. i wish viviane’s fashion shoots in africa were as strong as her portraits of the people in africa. those photos are incredibly powerful and stylish – look them up.

  3. she s shining so much that to match those shots with the ones form paris vogue where she got the cover… it s impossible.. power of … photoshop 🙂

  4. I want to root for Rose (beautiful girl) but she so often looks miserable and lifeless in her editorials and on the runway. I think that she really needed some more development before being sent out into the industry.

  5. this ed is nice i was a little uneasy when saw the nudity, because it seems as though she didnt need too….and @carola why did yu have to say chanel who? you could have said ranya who? or anybody else people are always pitting ethnic models against one another, you probably didnt mean to but it happened, couldnt you just praise her without putting another talent down. thanks…….and pretty random but i think that sacha m’baye deserves a spot on the top 50 models list he is having a great season 🙂

  6. I feel the tones of the photography could be more rich…I also feel Rose is lost in the scenery in some pics. Skin could use a little retouching too.

  7. I LOVE Rose but I’m not sure if I’m in love with the spread. First shot you can barely see her. 2nd shot is quite lovely. Third, great styling but no neck. Fourth, great body language and facial but bad styling. And the last shot is pretty awkward…she has so much more potential. Now her past Vogue Paris spread was something! She’s so underrated. Great potential!

  8. @vlad read Amy’s comment first.. 🙂 should’ve replied to her. I wasn’t comparing Chanel with Rose, there’s no need, Rose is much better than a lot of white, Asian, hispanic and black models.

  9. How Rose was not in the American Vogue “Gangs of New York” editorial with her other black models in Rodarte beats me. She is most definitely an underrated model. She should have had Givenchy, Marc by Marc, and a Gap campaign by now. She even makes bad photograpphy like this look good, imo.

  10. Haha “Rose’s poses” silly I know but anyway…the shoot was ok, rose looked ok. I like her but I feel like she could and should be stronger… But I’m still team Rose!

  11. This edit is stylistically boring to me. The garments aren’t very well featured nor well styled. There isn’t anything compelling about it. This is a case where it’s not the model’s fault the shoot failed.

  12. Such a beautiful woman, but these pics are just not very good. A few are downright unflattering. Did they actually fly to Africa to do this? It looks like it could have been shot in Miami or some estate in Beverly Hills.
    Total waste of Rose and a stunning locale.

  13. janelle – glad you’re a fan of viviane’s work. hope you got to see her show in chelsea last year.

    i think what brings down this shoot and her other numero stories is the styling – there’s nothing sublime to it. and it doesn’t understand the essence of viviane’s art.

  14. im no fan of chanel but lately i’ve found myself defending her on several ocassions.people seem to dislike her for no good reason.for someone who has been in the game for so long and has consistently proven,she is very overlooked(dsquared anyone)

    @carola- u could have complemented rose without making a pass at chanel.
    @amy-ye i liked that ed but pple on fashiongonerogue were very mean.it could be that she was taking directions.
    @betty she was also in vogue brazil january issue.i noticed that most of her recent work are missing on her profile

  15. @josh …i totally agree rose posesses and shows that gothic, dark kinda thing that givenchy is known and loved for.
    @carola …it just seemed like she was telling betty that some work of chanel’s is missing from her profile, your comment just seemed like a jab at chanel…i agree they both are great models

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