Spotlight On: Pop Africana

While most fashion magazines are still getting a grasp on the concept of diversity, there are few out there that offer a fresh perspective. Launched last year by Oroma Elewa, Pop Africana aims to serve as the official African book of style. Paying tribute to and showcasing the incredible talent within the continent, each issue introduces readers to a wealth of creativity. The limited edition, second issue (available on the Pop Africana website) features editorials with beauty Ajak Deng, along with special content from Duro Olowu, Olufemi Terry, Maki Oh, Marcus Samuelsson & Nina Keita.

Issue No. 2 | Ajak Deng by Owen Bruce

Issue No. 1 | Gaye McDonald by Jamie Nelson

Issue No. 1 | Ataui Deng & Atong Ajork by Oroma Elewa

  1. Gaye McDonald is an undiscovered supermodel, imo. The face, the body, everything about her is phenomenal. Give her a chance to shine, fashion gods!!!

  2. it’s a good initiative. there are so many great talents in africa and so many more out of africa who left because they couldn’t express their talent there. the sad thing is that because of misconceptions most people in this hemisphere think that if you have an (african) accent you’re stupid.

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