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Lean, tattooed, youthful and edgy – these are the hallmarks of the current male model look, a look personified by boys like Ash Stymest, Luke Worrall Josh Beech, George Barnett and Cole Mohr. Arena Homme + pays tribute to male modeling’s resident rebels via a series of serene blue shots by Alasdair McLellan. Considering the nearly indistinguishable portraits one has to wonder – with so many boys sporting the tats and attitude has the look reached critical mass?


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  1. Wouldn’t be nice to see to some MEN model every once in a while? I’m tired of these skinny punk high school outcasts.

  2. The only one I like is Josh Beech, his look is something interesting. He almost looks like Joaquin Phoenix (before he went nuts) or someone. Even if he didn’t have the tattoos and what not he could still model. I am not so sure about the others. I think we will be seeing more classic handsome men as time goes on – fashion wants beauty again now that times are not so good.

  3. I’d rather see models who look like junkies than some boring “classically handsome” model… If there’s no edge, it takes the art out it.

  4. I totally agree, enough of this skinny kids that first they don’t represent at all the new mature, healthy with real buying power market of men nowadays. The economy is bad and the ones with the money don’t feel identify with this unhealthy, undernourished kids. I have nothing against them, is not their fault they get pick, but times are changing and the advertising industry is struggling really bad.

  5. And how exactly do teenage girls represent real market buying power? How do the grown women with money identify with them? Yet those are the models of the moment. I dont see anyone complaining about that.

    Everyone seems to be mistaking the illusion and artistry of the fashion industry with real life.

    I would rather look at these young men than have to look at the same cookie cutter look over and over again. There is remarkable beauty in things that are different and even sometimes strange to us.

  6. These “male models” are not what the consumer wants and they are certainly not edgy, nor are they “art”. Garrett Neff and Danny Schwarz reign supreme. Period.


  8. I do agree with PPL & L!
    I don’t think these young guys are boring at all!!Individually, they all have their own identity with a strong personality & it is everything except boring. They dare emotions and pose with attitude ….I wanna see more of them. In my opinion having such models has such a strong impact on the fashion world , they succeed in changing the “well established codes”, mentalities & customers habits and so they have also changed codes in modelling world …it is so much exciting! The above fantastic models reflect new “sensitive” generation with their strong & weak points, it make them look more attractive & real than any other “boring” body build men. I am 100% sure the new generation of models could sell any luxury products…customers are not dull & we should seriously stop thinking “people are identify themselves to body build men like actors” which is not true ANYMORE. On the contrary people are fed up with “esthetic” PERFECTION people wanna go further than beauty when they buy products…they wanna be seen as artists, having fun & be as cool as Ash – Luke – Josh – George – Cole…GO ON!

  9. Their skinny bodies and those unique faces are ok, what bothers me is their tatoos are not good, and I dont get what so cool about it.

  10. “Lean, tattooed, youthful and edgy – these are the hallmarks of the current male model look, a look personified by boys like Ash Stymest, Luke Worrall Josh Beech, George Barnett and Cole Mohr. Arena Homme + pays tribute to male modeling’s resident rebels via a series of serene blue shots by Alasdair McLellan. Considering the nearly indistinguishable portraits one has to wonder – with so many boys sporting the tats and attitude has the look reached critical mass?”

    yeah… very very very repetitive

  11. So…ok…”Lean” they look dead to me, tattooed, youthful and edgy. What you guys are trying to say is that now anybody can be a male model.
    “artistry of the fashion industry” speak for yourself but to me at the end is about money and don’t see how the industry is going to survive.
    This work perfectly for girls because women are always looking for the reflection of youth and beauty(real beauty), but men needs to represent that MEN, not little kids.

  12. Bravo, totally agree…this look doesn’t sell anything!!!! Certainly cool, but honestly the bottom line is always the mighty Euro, dollar, yen etc. We can afford to buy a 6.00 magazine, but who can always afford to a Calvin Klein suit 😉

  13. These boys are BEAUTIFUL, and all of you who said we need “men” in the editorials and campagins, NOOOO. These boys are youthful, and fresh. They are the peak of their beauty, their skin is perfect. On top of that, take it from a corportate retail pro, grown men don’t buy the clothes these boys are used to sell. How many “men” do you see wearing trendy Marc Jacobs clothes (Cole)? How many “men” are going to buy Juicy Couture (Luke)? How many “men” read Attitude (Ash)? All these boys are used to target a certain demographic, business is a huge part of choosing models for campaigns. Retailers have certain pre-determined demographics in their target markets. Marketers work with cating directors on some level, trust. Look at Ralph Lauren, “men” are used in their campaigns, not these boys. Ralph Laurens target market consists of 30+ old men. Not even 25+, 30!! And the majority of men who buy it are over 50.
    Plus, we all know fashion changes, and therefore models change, so hang in their you’ll get see more men being used. I personally buy the clothes from the designers these boys model, and I don’t want to see that change.

    P.s: I don’t really like Josh, or George. Ash, Luke, and Cole on the other hand are gifts from god. Imagine what they are going to look like in when their 25, oh my :). I mean Cole is already 22 or something like that and you can see him damaging bit, right? But he hasn’t lost his edge!!

  14. THEY ARE BOYS. not men. they will grow up. i think you guys need too.
    i see young girls on ads/eds, so i dont see why boys cant be in those as well.

    to ms.ic, can you say ‘feed ‘em!
    send ‘em to the gym!
    buy ‘em a shirt!
    … and get ‘em haircut!’
    because he’s born to be skinny?

  15. This guys reflect our current economy situation. They don’t get pay enough money to buy food or what? no money for haircut? Instead of wearing their cloths they hang them. Is nothing wrong with their faces(some of them) but please they need to eat more. You guys need to stop using girls to excuse this kids, is nothing wrong with them been skinny, is just they don’t look like MEN, they should still fall under the kids division category.

  16. Honestly, I don’t think that models really sell products other than maybe magazines. Most people don’t buy clothes based on the models, but based on how it looks on them and NAME recognition of the brand.

    And I agree, it seems that any at least average guy who’s 6 feet to 6’2 and skinny can be a model these days. Which is okay because if they are models, I must be like a god.

  17. These models also aren’t catalogue models; thier whole appeal is that bit of “ugliness” that makes them stand out.

    Fashion IS art. And models like Stymest and Worrall are just a part of that- and so make they don’t have commerical appeal, but their look is definitely innovative and OBVIOUSLY gets a reaction from the general public.

  18. What we are seeing is great young men with real talent not just pretty faces and six packs!

    Josh beech- Lead singer of snish
    George Barnett- Drummer these new puritins
    Cole Mohr- Fashion designer
    Luke W- Pro Bmx rider
    Ash- Drummer the mannequins

    The only thing i would say is it seems like Ash needs to grow up or get out. He has no respect for anybody un like the other boys. NO RESPECT FOR THE CLOTHES NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN AND THE LEAST TALENTED of the “punk model boys”!!

  19. Ash Stymest, Luke Worrall Josh Beech, George Barnett ,Cole Mohr and Tyler Riggs;)
    Good job guys! Keep up the the great work!!!

  20. these guys do not get the campaigns, nor the catalogs those that pay the big bucks. Let them have their buzz with shows and editorial work the paid models don’t mind at all.

  21. I’m a skinny teenager and seeing what these guys are wearing/selling is exciting and does make it more appealing!

    However, I am tired of the whole tatto/piercing/punk/drug look. Male modeling needs a breath of fresh air but I think like females, males should be skinny.

    I agree with alex, I like Ash’s look, but he needs to become more professional.

  22. also, people who have said that anyone skinny and over 6ft can be a model, I only know like three people over 6ft and are still mega thin.

  23. This is very late but, MATTHEW YOU ROCK! Well said!

    Mature or youthful, they have their own respective niche in the market. Ash, Luke and Cole, in my opinion, epitomize the youth look.

  24. every group of life needs their role models and this is a group of guys who appeal to lots of youth out there – let them be seen!

  25. Fashion is an art form. It is not just “selling rags”–the models are the canvases, and without them, fashion would be nothing. I believe that boys like this work well for the fashion industry is because their looks are somewhat controversial. Edge is what makes fashion great. Many photos that involve manly-men and womanly-women are boring and cliche. When things are mized up, they are brought to life, and it makes the fashion shine. The fashion industry is not about following trends. It’s about making them. The point is to earn a second look, and with boys like these? Androgyny and edginess will sure as hell earn that look.

  26. All these guys are gorgeous, but these photos… WHAT HAPPENED to their hair?

    Not a fan of the hair of Luke and Cole… ewww. They’re all better looking, these photos just dont do justice.

  27. what a closed people!
    ash stymest is the first look for a fresh kinda of era for male models..now theyre are growing in a different way..looking inside himself before to be exposed.. what happen with the tattoos?? whatever that.. the guys are really beautiful in a diferent way thats all

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