1. The whole concept of a bunch of black men worshipping a white woman is getting so old. They did it with Daria, then Alessandra, now Delfine. When are fashion people going to finally realize how racist this really is(and this is coming from someone who is not easily offended).

  2. @simplylovely- I sorta agree with you but also the contrast of the colors look good and lately there have been more diversity (not enough) but its getting there so they shouldn’t stop those guys plus they aren’t models they are dancers so yea they are simply just extras.

  3. @josh,@simplylovely – really? so it would be ok if the guys were white and the woman black? I get where you are coming from, but if we are truly going to overcome racism and prejudices don’t you think your own narrow point of view should also be questioned?
    You find it somewhat offensive, doesn’t mean it is to everyone or that this was the intention. I find quite sensual and beautiful.
    What we should truly hope for is the day when when an editorial like this only gets comments concerning its creative and fashion values. Which are quite good in my opinion.

  4. White woman black men, black man white women, white white, black black…. some of these comments are downright BOOORING!

  5. @FabFash- There are so many things wrong with this trend. Black people are constantly extras in these types of editorials, barely have any clothes on, and are overtly sexual compared to the submissive white star. If the woman was black and the men were white that would be REFRESHING for a change!!

  6. I respect some of the objections, which I think are based on some fears and on past failures, but mostly I don’t agree. Josh has a point about dark skinned people being sidelined as extras and space-filler, but I don’t see that here either. The fact is that we all have different skin colors, and these are available tools to fill a canvas. To move forward in utter creativity we must appreciate each other, just as a painter appreciates every color on his palette, as we appear without being hindered by petty concepts of ‘race.’ Such lines don’t really exist. An appreciation of color renders words such as ‘black’ and ‘white’ to be trite and inadequate. Such is the story here in pictures. So, I do agree with the comments about the appeal of contrast. They look beautiful together. The woman’s facial features…they aren’t exceptionally feminine, but they are charming and strong at the same time. In that way there is less contrast with the surrounding men. I don’t see submissiveness of the female subject here as Josh mentioned. Rather, I see gentle congruity between the subjects. The pictures of her alone reinforce the point of the sole subjects physical form. Thus in the final picture, in which she shows the the same subtle strength (with a slight edge in her gaze), the similarities between them are obvious. I see substantial, obvious contrast in color, as well as substantial congruity of form. Do not allow the congruity to be lost on you for what is otherwise obvious.

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