Le Roux

Exhibition Magazine takes one iconic fashion item and focuses an entire issue on it. For the premiere edition they chose lipstick and the final result is simply beautiful; just take a look at Catherine Servel‘s seductive beauty story with Magdalena Frackowiak. Equal parts glamour and innuendo, the story features a magenta haired Magda wearing lipcolor from Tom Ford and Dolce and Gabbana, along with seasonal fashions from Ohne Titel & Versus. Looking every bit the siren, thanks to Chiho Omae‘s dramatic makeup and Catherine Newell-Hanson‘s styling, Magdalena shines.

  1. Amazing as a whole—the photography, the model, the styling, the hair, the makeup……..beautiful choices….and quite strange at the same time. I love it.

  2. When I see things like second pic (my fav here – not because of panties, I’m not a standard guy in lust!), I think… ok, she looks great, I appreciate the idea of that male hand (bottom right) holding Magdalena’s leg (without a watch!), the fact I noticed it confirms what I wrote above (hehe), a woman put on lipstick, the model turns left – climax? I honestly expected (at least) a little lipstick on her cheek. 🙂
    Btw it’s just a little pretext to say: even if I think these are “beautifully perfect”, I expected a little less redundancy and kind of… yep, “less (academic) perfection”.

  3. Just adore this. Must say that I feel this is sensation work. What strong direction. It is interesting to see the shoot in its entirety, I just received the magazine. The whole issue is quite conceptual. This shoot of Catherine’s and also the shoot of Solve’s are the strongest (in fact this is probably the strongest shoot there). If you really look at this complete shoot you actually have something more than your typical fashion shoot. Something fresh, something strong, something we don’t see from your normal fashion photographer. I’m impressed.

  4. That Hair color is Horrible……

    It’s Trying Too Hard to be Sexy. The Body language, the Gaping Mouth.

    One can be sexy with Lips closed.

  5. i have always thought that red hair is an underrated color..it’s always about the blondes vs. the brunettes..but every once in a while you get a foxy bombshell, as pictured so lushly…keep showing off those lips and those punched up colors!

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