1. amazing, she’s my favorite model and one of my favorite artis. also today is her birthday, so happy birthday doll!!!!

  2. I’m a studenyt of art university, and i really don’t like her drawings, I can’t understand why they’re showing it on VP pages,
    I saw once rubik’s painting and i think she’s much better then sasha p.

  3. got to admit, sasha is 1 of my fav models…and always looking forward to seeing her, but her art…please, make it stop!!!!

  4. Sasha has a unique face features. She is so beautiful, and sometimes she doesn´t look be human being.

  5. sasha is a great model. but an ok artist for now with much room left for growth. her work is equivalent to that of a freshman in art school.

    the only model i can think of whose work is actually valid in the art world is saskia de brauw. a very different approach and end product. i can see her influence on the givenchy pre-fall 2011 lookbook.


  6. I have been a real fan of her is such a great thing what she has done ,,after 2 weeks of her entrance in the fashion world was in the Prada fashion show..that’s a huge deal!!!!
    Her face is just so diferent.

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