Bits and Bytes: Viper Boys

Ash Stymest and Max. Ph: Richard Bush for Man About Town S/S 09

Production finds an old Linda Evangelista interview on Youtube.

Arena Homme + breaks down all the new IT boys, their backgrounds, their bands and who is the elder statesman. Click here to read about Ash, Cole, George, Josh and Luke.

Tatiana breaks it down for non industry people the 5 types of boyfriends that models have. See the American Vogue story with pros and cons for each type. LOL indeed.

Jezebel asks, Is fashion becoming more diverse thanks to Michelle Obama?

The Sartorialist pays a loving tribute to his father who passed away last week.

If you can’t get enough of Amber Valletta, Tyson Ballou and Ryan Snyder, click here to see more.

The funniest title of a blog post: “The horse wore Prada?”

The new Man about Town is finally “in town” in NYC and it’s chock full of stunning eds like this moody black and white story by Richard Bush titled Viper Boys. With a profile on Purple’s Olivier Zahm, a cover and pictorial on Kate’s main squeeze Jamie Hince, a YSL tribute editorial, and the best male models, old and new, it looks like this issue is once again a must buy.

  1. I like Ash a lot!!There’s something about him, the young guy is IRRESISTIBLE but with such a strong editorial profile hope he will last!

  2. ASH IS NOT ATTRACTIVE. How does he have a career in this business, honestly? I just want him to cut his inflated hair and grow some cheekbones. I’m a fan of a good ugly-pretty juxtaposition, but really all I see is a pseudo-punk adolescent with poor bone structure.

  3. @grizzly
    i highly disagree with your statement. above all of them ash is definitely the hallmark pretty boy. but what makes him interesting is his personality: he parties and doesn’t care about looking presentable at all times, acting proper, or following the rules. in fact, he probably doesn’t even give jack about fashion but simply does it because the opportunity came. he’s just a boy and he acts like it and there’s something very refreshing about that. he’s simply not like the muscular model fabio stereotype and even the best in the industry can see that.

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