Urbane Bohemia

Sometimes the photographers in magazines become almost as familiar as the models. Who can look at a picture by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott or Juergen Teller and not spot their work immediately? While that is of course part of the fun there can be a dearth of fresh perspective when we see work from the same 9 or 10 individuals over and over again. Perhaps that is what makes Vogue Paris inclusion of fine art photographers so compelling. This month Walter Pfeiffer shoots Eva Herzigova looking luxuriously bohemian in the Hotel Meurice. Pfeiffer brings his trademark intimacy and love of beauty to each picture creating an editorial that is unsuual and compelling.

Eva Herzigova by Walter Pfiffer | Scanned by Diorette @ tFS

  1. Eva s gettign better n better i think she s much more inteestign now that wen she was 16 n she stardd for dolce&gabbane….
    instead photogrpaher like Teller n Inx & comapny r getting so boring…it will b enever to late for them to be replaced by soem2 with fresher ideas

  2. um, re: dearth of fresh perspective – this could be Teller. Or Richardson. Fun – yes; “unusual” though?

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