1. HOT !
    i feel the love.
    This is one of the best cover yet of thiis year, and the year has just began.
    im exited

  2. Kate, once again proved how fearless she is, sent a meassage to the industry. She’s still the reigning Queen.

    Lara Stone, needs to step up her Game.

  3. i love this.
    i almost dont want to leave my comment because i dont want to detract from any positive message this cover coneys.
    the cover is flawless. and thanks to everyone involved in putting this out into the world. we need it.
    but when i look at the picture all I see is Me kissing Vinoodh, especially when I look at Lea.
    in fact the reference is so strong that maybe thats what i’m supposed to be seeing ???

  4. Wow this cover is amazing I like how it fools you and you ask yourself BUT U CONCLUDE that since she’s trangendered there’s nothing wrong with this kiss

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