Daria vs. Daria

Daria Werbowy does denim right on the cover of Vogue Paris. Dressed in a jean jacket and turquoise bangles the supermodel looks perfect as always but is there too much of a good thing? This is her second Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin helmed Vogue Paris cover in less than a year and while we adore the right pairing of model and photographer sequels will always draw comparisons to the original. Which Daria-centric Vogue Paris did you like best?


Daria Werbowy by Inez & Vinoodh | Scans by Diorette & Dieselmax at tFS

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  1. It’s hard to choose because Daria does such amazing work, but i’d have to go with her May cover as my favorite since it’s more in your face, sexy, exciting…My only complaint is her belt! It’s a generic $2 belt one could find at Wal-Mart! Something animal skin would have been much prefered.

  2. praise xenu for these glorious covers

    and I prefer the denim one, there is nothing I enjoy more than I&V, Daria, and a desert

  3. both covers are realy beautyfull
    but showing them together its not a good idea
    for me
    the only difference i’ve ntice
    is that first cover is red and second is blue
    maybe there is a deeper meaning and some sort of provocation
    but i’m not convicted

  4. the first one for sure. although its the same pose and facial expression. Love the hair slicked back better in the first one

  5. “Daria… a girl with such a beautiful face! But you give us the same pose cover after cover.. The judges are worried you lack versatility”

  6. First cover is amazing. Daria looks sexy and hot. i think she is one of the new generation of supermodels like gisele and isabeli.

  7. definitely the denim cover. surprised to see how photoshopped – a la american vogue – the red cover was. i don’t think daria really needs photoshop!

  8. You can’t blame Daria for the look/pose.

    The editors chose the images, not her.

    Oh, and I like the red. Definitely, the red.

  9. Red one, because it stands out better in a Parisian news kiosk, and thus sells more copies, and thus makes more money for Conde Nast and Newhouse, which is what the point of the cover it about, children.

  10. The first one! The second one looks to perfect. In the first one she looks natural–and FIERCE!

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