Bits and Bytes: Sigrid and Karl

Madonna/Meisel/LV. Round Two?

Sessilee and Jourdan shooting something major in London? Perhaps for the same thing? We’re dying to know.

Calling all female models in NYC! If you want to learn how to fend off those unwanted advances, check out the Extreme Stilletto Seminar and get your fierce on.

Fall 09 Gucci? The names are in… Inez and Vinoodh once again shoots a bevy of faces for Frieda including Natasha Poly, Freja Beha Erichsen and Raquel Zimmermann. The surprise? Jacquetta Wheeler, Gucci’s face from a decade ago will be in the mix.

Carol Alt, Maggie Rizer, Frederique Van Der Wal, Mariel Hemingway, Irina Pantaeva, and Patricia Velasquez. If you know who all these ladies are you are   A. Going to love this show  B. Definitely born before 1985.   But no matter… a reality show about REAL models is always fun.

Production caught the Valentino documentary and lists their favorite parts of the film.

Myf is in the Gucci mix too!

The models turn the tables… Sigrid Agren asks Karl Lagerfeld questions for Interview Magazine during her fitting for his show. We say, how marvelously multi task-y of them ! Read the full interview here.


Sigrid and Karl in Interview. Ph: Olivier Zahm.


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