Historical Fiction

So many models have shaped culture beyond the world of fashion. Serving as an inspiration for designers, directors, musicians and so many more these iconic faces have remained firmly lodged in the collective memory. Who can forget someone like Veruschka or Penelope Tree? In keeping with the ‘Models as Muse’ theme Vogue US offers up a stunning tribute to history’s foremost faces. Natalia Vodianova captures the essence of each legendary face creating a graceful and poignant series of images shot by Steven Meisel and styled by Grace Coddington. The term ‘instant classic’ gets thrown around a great deal but this is truly a story to remember.


  1. This one, YES! The Penelope Tree shot is just OK, the rest of it SMASHES. The Dovima pic has real iconic potential.

  2. Problem with the Tree shot is that Penelope Tree was such a total one-off, never been anyone remotely like her since, her face just set the tone of a photograph.

    The others are also really only okay, but because they capture a time and a mood more than the original model that’s why the work, Penelope Tree however, can only work with Penelope Tree.

  3. Natalia Vodianova is the most Beautiful Supermodel of the Moment!!!

    also the Most Versatile….Natalia’s EYES can express a thousand mood, look and emotions. That is her strong suit!!

    Luv her!!!

    I know she’s still HOT and doing her own thang!!! ( Coz nobody can stop our own Miz Evangelista ) but can we add the Supermodel ICON of the new Generation, Miz Linda Evangelista ??? I mean ask any young demographics, the GossipGirl, ANTM, Make me Supermodel crowd and I think they can relate to Linda as an ICON rather than Twiggy, Penelope Tree and Verushka, no offense to these Legends of course!

    I am just a Linda Fan lol!!!

    but who will make Linda an ICON when she’s stiil looking at us thrugh her Loreal ads sooo Beautiful and not a day over 25!!!!

  4. i luv her thin body, i think its sexy,and i also want to be a male model so you can check me out at (www.fordmodels.tv)

  5. these photos are stunning. Vogue has finally done well in something. :b My favorite photo must be the one featuring Dovima…that beautiful motion blur. Verushcka is such a talented model. I’ve seen other pictures of her and her energy is so captivating.

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