Bits and Bytes: Helmut by Bruce for AH+

Who remembers the 1983 movie “Making of a Male Model“? It’s a must peek here on Youtube for 1-the beefcake-iness of male models back then. 2-the awesomeness of Joan Collins as the agent (playing cougar long before Demi and Madonna). 3-the general campiness of the lines/music/plot. What’s ultimately sad is knowing that the star, Jon-Erik Hexum, would die a year later in a tragic accident.

Our friend JD Ferguson waxes poetic about Cameron Russell.. What’s not to love, she’s not only gorgeous, she’s incredibly smart and funny as well as you can read from her blog..

Director of Elite NY, Neil Hamill interviewed by MSNBC for his viewpoint on those infamous model conventions. We say, hey, you can be discovered for free here on (click here to register!)

OMG. The cutest blog post ever. Behati, Coco, Jamie and Gollum the hairless cat.

The new Arena Homme Plus is out and the cover is the iconic and we mean ICONIC with a capital I- Helmut Newton. I met him once in the mid 90’s and totally got verklempt from meeting the legendary lensman who by the way was extremely nice. Who needs male models when you have Helmut shot by Bruce? Arena Homme Plus does it yet again.

Helmut Newton by Bruce Weber. Image via tFS by Dieselmax.

  1. YEA to helping young, aspiring models make good decisions (the MSNBC link).

    NAY to your continual endorsement of a photographer who admits on his blog to trying to get professional models naked on webcam…

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