The Edge

Sometimes a face is imbued with a certain special something that makes each and every picture compelling, Marina Perez is in the possession of such a beauty. Her moody good looks and natural sultriness make her one of the most captivating faces on the scene right now, Paul Wetherell‘s series of intimate portraits of the Spanish siren for i-D show a vision of evocative, intelligent beauty. (See the sexy side of Marina in her new shots by Satoshi Saikusa, here).


  1. marina is incredible! i would love to see her on a vogue paris or italia cover. and maybe in a story with miss strubegger. 🙂

  2. I think she’s a beauty, really. And so are the fotos.
    But seeing these pictures one after the other, they seem a little boring because her expression is the same (except for the second one).

  3. I totally agree with the idea of an editorial with Marina and Iris…flawlessly beautiful brunettes with piercing green-blue eyes in some exotic location LOVELY!!!!

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