Eminently Emma

One of our favorite of the 90’s “grunge” models, Emma Balfour is back and looking just as stunning as ever. One of the premier faces of that era, Ms Balfour worked consistently with David Sims and the whole British crew that came into their own back then (Guido, Dick Page, et al). Though she’s currently based in her native Australia and a busy mother of 2 young boys, Emma’s new story and her thoughtful interview in the new i-D proves that her timeless beauty and ultracool personality will never be out of fashion.

Ph: Will Davidson for i-D Magazine May 09. Pics courtesy of Elite NY

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  1. A white woman is way more excepted even if she is just ok looking. Put some more brown faces and people of ethnicity in these damn spreads! It’s sickening to see the division time and time again!

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