1. Jeneil is the TRUTH.

    I would love to see her on the Top 50. We might have to start a facebook page for that. I mean the Pirelli calendar was major, less we forget shot by Karl Lagerfeld

  2. her skin. her smile… i have a tough time deciding who has the best smile in modeling. in my opinion its between her, Ajak and Anne V…. i also wonder if she was an athlete, more specifically for track & field due to the sleek muscle tone of her body.

  3. Cutting edge???

    Hello, but where is this at? Looks like at the back of a garage, shot for a high school project.

    Love janeil, but not impressed with the quality.

  4. i LOVE jeneil.

    but i find it problematic when we keep seeing ethnographic theme shoots based on malick sidibe’s work constantly recycled for black models. (sidibe’s work is amazing but it’s time for lazy fashion photographers/stylists to move on with their copying.)

    just put amazing/photogenic oufits on a beautiful girl and make her modern. please.

  5. if she can get a good campiagn for fall winter 2011.. i think she might make it on the top 50 list… my fingers are crossed.

    oh how much i love jenil.

  6. I totally agree with glunge. She’s a beautiful girl, so why not put her in beautiful clothes, in a beautiful setting, with actual light?

  7. Pics are kinda weird (not bad, just weird) but Jeneil has a great face, hopefully someone else will know how to shoot her.

  8. this real talent she should be one of the top black models out love her work she scream flawless n effortless>> love her Love magazine cover as well

  9. Love Jeneil.. this is not the best images but she pulls it together and saves the day like a good model should.

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