Britt Pop

Nathaniel Goldberg and Marie Chaix create and ode to black and white patterned looks with a clean studio shoot featuring Britt Maren. With her edgy platinum blonde and spiky crop Britt looks right at home in the streamlined designs from Jil Sander, Cerruti and Proenza Shouler; the unexpected styling (black Louboutin flats and ripped hose complete the look) and Britt’s graceful poses make the simple story stand out.

Image Credit | Push @ tFS

  1. Was wondering what happened to her. I would have bet $ bigger things would have happened to her after the season she had last season.

  2. Feb Vogue China issue looks pretty good so far. A pretty simple edit here, but Britt did deliver. Love Arizonas edit. The girl is going to be a star.

  3. My god, platinum blonde really is her color. Not a lot models can wear it as well as she can; I have to say she pulls of this look better than Agyness ever did. She reminds me of a model from the 90’s, the hair, the face. Wish I could remember her name.

  4. great styling from marie as usual.

    graceful/quirky poses and strong eye contact – can louie help make britt into a meisel regular? as has been pointed out he does like his platinum blonde (and/or short haired) ladies who can work a studio setup…

  5. Yes yes, sort of a Kylie Bax/Nikki Uberti vibe..

    Meisel is weird, I guess either he loves her or hates her. Hopefully he likes her, would be an interesting collaboration.

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