1. @rendell.. i know its really sad. 09-10 were the years of the “colored” girls on mdc’s top 50 no more jourdan, tao, lakshmi, and du juan, and arlenis, rose, shu pei, chanel and sessilee are slowly but surely sliding backwards. the only 2 that are moving in the opposite directions (and with rocket like speed i might add) are joan and liu.

  2. It’s not really about race. A lot of the S/S 10 stars are fading now, Keke Lindgard, Tao, Jacquelyn Jablonski, and even Alla Kostromicheva has slowed down.

    I LOVE Tao, and I’m so glad she got this editorial! Numero China is a fantastic magazine.

  3. I know i was shocked on how they just took her off the list.. i hate the fact that if you don’t book a ads they just take you off the list… BUT good work Tao

  4. Wait, does anyone know who the nude girl in the background is? She looks like Bambi to me but I’m not completely sure!

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