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Campaigns! More and more campaigns! You know you love them. Gucci gives us their signature sleek glamour with a Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott campaign starring Joan Smalls, Karmen Pedaru and Hailey Clauson, while Jimmy Choo goes for energetic shots of Crystal Renn by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Meanwhile, Chanel keeps true to the house’s history of iconic muses by gathering a set of Lagerfeld favorites like Freja Beha Erichsen, Baptiste Giabiconi, Stella Tennant and Ines de la Fressange.

Joan Smalls, Karmen Pedaru & for Gucci
Also featuring Hailey Clauson, Gen Huismans & Nikola Jovanovic

Crystal Renn for Jimmy Choo

Freja Beha Erichsen, Stella Tennant & Baptiste Giabiconi for Chanel
Also featuring Ines de la Fressange


Take a look at Querelle Jansen‘s stunning campaign shot for Miu Miu

  1. Querelle! So gorgeous.
    I really like Gucci too. Karmen so fits Gucci.
    Freja is really cute laughing!

  2. season after season Gucci is always the same… colors, looks, posses, more creativity please. I like the coolness of Chanel

  3. Querelle! So excited to see her return to fashion!
    Also, love the Gucci campaign but does Karmen’s body look…weirdly twisted or something?

  4. Love Freja and Stella for Chanel, great casting. I have to say I’m even loving Baptiste in these.

    Crystal is oficially thin. Not even her legs are what they used to be.

    Gucci = same campaign from last seasons with a slight change of models, loving Karmen, she looks unreal, and of course Joan.

    LOVE whoever cast Querelle in Miu Miu, I’ve been sitting here waiting for her comeback for years.

  5. Gucci please bring back Natasha Poly. She’s what Gucci ‘s promise is all about. Wealth. youth. beauty.

    I love that Freja Beja, is officially a Chanel muse alongside legendary Stella Tennant and Ines de la Fressange

  6. Well I think it safe to say Renn is officially no longer plus sized, if she’s happy healthy and finally has the career she wants good luck to her. She is an extremely good model.

  7. Crystal Renn looks great! She’s not the plus size girl that she used to be, but yet..she is not your typical skinny girl. I think the most normal and relatable body to most girls now! It just shows that she’s a great girl as she continues to get bookings despite all these changes.I hope she doesnt become skinnier coz this is perfect.

  8. gucci shuodnt even bother about shooting another ad.. since both clothes n image s just the same for the last 5 season at least…MIUMIU s the best of the season for sure

  9. Chanel:::LOVE FREJA her smile is contagious it is simply divine to look at
    Gucci:::: Bring back Ms POLY PLEASE! last spring/ summer ad was FAR BETTER it was sexier just having one hot sexy male and a hot female. this cast is all over the place they didn’t even know what to do with Hailey! The boys look like they are 17 there is nothing appealing about a 17 year old boy. not even to a gay man.

  10. the AD natasha poly was in? Im not sure if it was last summer or the summer before? it was with another guy that looked older and more sexier

  11. Gucci reminds me of a Britney Spears perfume ad with more attractive people in it.
    Chanel is the clear winner, amazing- Freja looks so great.
    Mui Mui must be kidding with this awkward and bland thing they’ve presented us with.

  12. It’s hard to tell how much Crystal’s size has changed because these photos are quite photoshopped.

    She looks quite small here. She’s not 5’11” so she’s not going to look like the typical skinny models of today. She’s 5’9″ and she looks like a small 5’9″ girl with some curves in these photos–like the 90’s supermodels.

  13. Too bad Natasha Poly is not doing the Gucci ad campaigns, maybe here contract is done. Hopefully she’ll reprise her comeback next season.

  14. karl = master? come one he is consistently awful in photography freja saves the day but oh he is not a master of photography.

  15. The Gucci adds looks always the same it’s like a deja vu and I’m really sorry for Hailey she is a freakin extra in the shoots so why use a rising model?? Why Gucci uses an actress or something, if I was I’ll be really depressed.
    How you guys can know that Ines de la Fressange appears on the campaign, you can’t even recognize her, it could be anyone!!
    I have a question Querelle Jansen is a new face or she did a comeback?? because in some comments it looks like she is back or something and I really don’t like the campaign, if Miuccia is capable of create all these amazing clothes out of her mind, why she couldn’t came out with a nice concept???

  16. even though they have reused the idea for many many many many times, I still like Gucci’s campaign
    N love love miu miu

  17. I like Gucci but not every season is the saem, become so boring now.
    Jimmy Choo is really fresh with the the colours and Cyrstal is gorgeous but it;s like Nine West.

  18. Querelle! So amazing as ever!
    Freja looks cute in the Chanel shot.
    Crystal is not working for me in this one.
    Karmen P is werking!

  19. Yeah Karl is no Penn or Avedon but he’s not that bad, he has good ideas. I mean these Chanel ads are much more fun to look at (and I bet they sell more) than those boring Gucci and Versace ads by Meisel or whoever shoots them these days.

  20. Not on the guest list,
    This is Querelle’s comeback.
    She was a big model around 2004-5. She appeared in Prada and Miu Miu ads and was a Meisel favorite. She said she quited modelling but now she’s back.

  21. To all Freja haters…… click this links, it will show you why she’s the Best Model in the business today. The Best photogenic Face, The Best Editorial Body, The most Cool Factor… see it! See it!



    This is for Vogue UK Feb 2011, as shot by Patrick Demarchelier

    Thanks to http://www.supermodels.nl

    I told you I’m Model obsessed, didn’t I? Lol

  22. Designers Love her…. Freja Beja is a Master Class on her very own league. She looks like a perfect Classic Vintage Model from the 60’s at the same time has that Cool futuristic look model of year 2020 ha ha ha

    Love you Freja!!!

    Please keep that Beja Mystique that Cool Designers and Hipster loves!!!

  23. Am I the only one that notices that Gucci has Joan doing the same exact “tilting of the head to the sky” pose in EVERY SINGLE ad?! Take a look. She’s beautiful and yet, you can’t see her face at all in any of them.

  24. I have missed Querella so much! She is such prada/miumiu face! I love the gucci ad but I am missing Natashs, freja or Raquel, they will lways be the gucci trio to me!

  25. Gucci, sexy, alluring, Karmen Pedaru, it’s an attractive looking ad (except for Ms. Smalls pants, unattractive). I have to say this season’s Chanel ad is one of my favorite of all the Chanel ads. Makes me want to wear Chanel while I’m getting hosed down. Miu Miu is awesome this season, and I agree, although not my style, definitely think the collection is unique and the ad is clean, sharp, rich, and attractive.

  26. Love the Gucci girls this season. Miss Pedaru is slowly but surely beginning to tread in SUPERmodeldom. And Freja, I think, is maybe the most high fashion model of the moment. (OK Freja haters, go ahead and possible and moan.) Mr. Lagerfeld loves her still, and years of Chanel+Meisel campaigns and editorials with 3 VI covers in less than a year is only a testament to her appeal in fashion. She really is MOST COVETED.

  27. I like how gucci makes there ads look sleek and tight and Chanel Nantes to come up with something new it’s like the leader of the fashions world.

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