Tyson on Top

There is a reason Tyson Ballou is the go to guy for Vogue. His ability to go from rakishly handsome partner in crime to a gold tooth enhanced, fringe wearing bad guy, only verifies why more than a decade later, he still remains one of the most requested models in the world. In this Vogue Italia/Steven Klein shoot with Amber Valletta, Tyson shows his dark side and Amber is powerless to resist. Even with the gold tooth and cowboy fringe Tyson radiates sexuality and power.

Ph: Steven Klein for Vogue Italia April 09. Pics courtesy of Why Not

  1. this are isabella rosellini and willem defoe’s characters from the film “wild at heart.” CLEARLY.

  2. the story has nothing to do with madonna… she never had the taste or understood the irony to pair up with a guy looking like a crook. she has always surround herself with muscle gods to look more appealing.
    blond hair does not equal madonna.

  3. Finally! A magazine decided to feature one of Jil Sander’s fringe pieces.
    As for Tyson… hot, with or without the gold tooth!

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