Bits & Bytes: Anja the Divine

Anja and Sasha by Stephen Lee on Frockwriter.

Besides her four campaigns so far this season (including the beautiful Fendi by Karl) and her recent Pirelli showing, Anja Rubik is having a pretty wonderful month. We wish her and the dashingly handsome Sasha Knezevic congratulations on their engagement. Reading Frockwriter’s intimate and honest interview with Anja reaffirms why we and everyone else love this gracious young woman.


If you missed Anna Della Russo’s sexy Italian accent, see it here on Showstudio. See one of Anna’s (and ours!) favorite editorials from Vogue Italia.

As Vogue Paris gets ready to name Carine Roitfeld’s successor, take a peek at some of Ms Roitfeld’s best moments of the decade.


Help NY photographers Idris and Tony fund their Native American project that would give people a rare look inside this culture.

We ADORE Gordon Espinet. Congratulations to Gordon for being named Senior Vice President at MAC (nice people do win in fashion). (WWD Subscription required)


We can’t reiterate it enough: please get help if you see yourself getting like this. A tragic ending to a young life.

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  1. She does look thinner but she doesn’t look sick or anything. Any model who has such a HOT career and eats healthy and exercises will definitely lose weight at some point. Got nothing bad to say about Anja really, smart, articulate, gorgeous and she seems like a very nice person, which is the best quality anyone can have.

  2. Who doesn’t want to marry her? They are still in Australia now. I may run in to them if I am lucky.

    Love the interview but the last answer was weird. Whe she been asked about her the ring. She answered : “Itโ€™s a beautiful Cartier ring, I think itโ€™s gold. Solitaire.”

    hasn’t she seen the ring and don’t know what is the colour????

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