Traveler’s Check

Stella Tennant takes the readers of Vogue UK on a personal journey as she shares a diary of her travels through Damascus. The veteran model makes note of every detail of her trip from a visit to Byzantine ruins to the best places in Syria to buy Dior. Photographer Tom Craig captures each unique slice of life as Tennant makes her way through the beautiful and unique sights of the city.


Stella Tennant by Tom Craig for Vogue UK | Scanned by Manuva @ tFS

  1. This is a lost Art. Vogue should bring this back……I remember seeing Linda Evangelista in a beautiful dress in the streets of Shanghai, captured by Arthur Elgort….It’s like in a beautiful dream….
    They need to bring this back!

  2. This is dreamy…and it brings out the travel lust within me. Stella is so great here. There really is nothing like the art of travel and exploring new sights, sounds, and smells.

    Ambigous, I remember the beautiful Linda Evangelista/Shanghai photo by Arthur Elgort. I believe that particular editorial was called “Eastern Light” and published in American Vogue.

  3. K

    Yeah, That was Eastern Light, La Evangelista was walking at Rice Terraces and doing some Tai Chi……Who can imagine that!!!! It’s indeed a Fantasy!

    I want Vogue to bring this Editorials and Stories back!!!

    Nowadays its all just dancing and jumping in the studio, it’s uninspired!

    Too bad, the Magazine industry is dying!

  4. I think they could have just hired Jodie Foster to do it and saved themselves a few dollars :/ Kind of disapointed.

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