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Magazines roll out the best models and those coveted Spring fashions for their latest offerings. Vogue Brazil gives Emanuela de Paula a beautiful beach chic image for their January edition, which serves as a tribute to Brazil’s stunning black models. Gisele Bundchen wears a look from the popular S/S Prada collection on Vogue China‘s demure cover shot, while Karen Elson wears another look from the same collection on Vogue Nippon. Catherine McNeil unleashes her inner vamp for her fifth cover of Vogue Australia and is featured in a special article about her style. Not a bad showing for February – which cover is your personal favorite?

Emanuela de Paula by Jacques Dequeker

Gisele Bundchen by Patrick Demarchelier | Catherine McNeil by Max Doyle

Karen Elson
by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

  1. Wow!Emanuela’s stunning!!! But it’s February cover of Vogue Brazil, it’s january cover (janeiro).

    Gisele looks like a teenage dream!

  2. Sorry, I wrote wrong…”But it’s not February cover of Vogue Brazil, it’s january cover (janeiro). “

  3. Gisele´s cover it´s my favorite. It´s fresh and young. She has been so versatile lastly: Vogue Italia, Vogue Nippon, Balenciaga.

  4. giselle is too old to portray a teen, that looks wrong.
    karen elson’s cover is the best even though i don’t get the fur look for prada’s spring wonderland.

  5. Stop trying to make Catherine McNeil happen, she’s not going to happen! hahahahahahaha #fetch

    I do think Gisele looks incredible here, i was kind of tired to look at her always the same sultry goddess pic after pic.

  6. Emanuela’s face is lovely, but that outfit is sad. So I guess Cat’s is my favorite since I like the hair.

    An honorable mention goes to Gisele and Karen for rocking their respective Prada outfits. In fact, I’m convinced they’re two of the few who could ever pull it off ever.

  7. Stunning covers! Gisele’s is really fresh and she looks really cute + pretty. of course alot of comments are gonna be all about her, come on let’s focus on the others too for a change, lol…for me Gisele and Karen win hands down. Emanuela’s doesn’t look like a Vogue cover to me. More Elle.

  8. Too old? hahahaha
    She looks like a girl in her 20s in that cover. I know photoshop helps, but its not a miracle tool… the woman is timeless. The cover is refreshing to my eyes and I need to have a copy. Definitely, my favourite one.

  9. Emanuela and Catherine’s covers…ehh.dry, boring..
    i like the freshness and lightness of Gisele’s cover
    and its always a delight to see Karen

  10. It is refreshing to have a Gisele cover that isn’t va-va-voom. I like her slightly-downcast expression here.

    I’d like to see more pics from the Vogue Brazil model special.

  11. OMG! Emanuela is Beautiful! No words.

    I agree that they try to make Gisele looking like a Teenage Dream, but she’s 30 yrs old. That Hair Do /clip on her looks pushing too much.

    Chanel Iman ‘s exuberance can pull this cover.

  12. About time! Kudos to Brazil Vogue give the cover to Sexy Emanuela. 🙂

    Gisele rocks on Prada! What a fantastic cover!!

    Australia Vogue cover is blah…but, it is still young and should learn from elites one.

    As for Vogue Nippon, it is typically white background with too many texts on it.

  13. this is something completely new from Gisele. and whoever styled her in this way is GREAT! so fresh, young, new! EVERYTHING!

  14. Emanuela looks amazing, she’s so beautiful, very underrated outside of Brazil unfortunately.

    Love the Gisele cover, and to all the haters: we all know she’s 30 but the woman doesn’t look a day over 21. The clothes are fine, they’re not trying to make her look like a teenager, I think maybe the pink font just screwed it up and gave the wrong idea about the cover. But it’s a great picture.

    The Vogue Australia cover looks very generic, they did a great cover with Catherine a few months ago, what happened this time.. looks generic, looks like a Shape cover minus the “abs”.

    And the Vogue Nippon cover looks too messy, I know most of the time they look like that, someone gets too excited with the text on the cover, but the pic is just bad. Looks as if it was chosen in a hurry.

  15. Emanuela has such a captivating beauty! Am happy to see that black Brasilian models are getting their much deserved attention. Can Giselle’s cover be more uninspired, I mean seriously!

  16. I Don’t Like None Of Them But Emanuelas Is Most Probs The Best And As For Giselle She Can Take A Good Photo But I Am Sick Of Her Seriously People On This Photo She Looks Like A Emotional School Teacher Or Something! But I Suppose We All Have Our Faves, Bring Back Gemma Ward ♥

  17. Gisele like Kate Moss isn’t going to go anywhere too soon, lol. Industry loves them so they will always have work. Gisele only had 6 editorials and one campaign last year, how is that enough to get sick of???? lol. The only thing she rules is covers and A list ones at that.., so maybe that’s why you feel like she is everywhere, but really she is not, not in 2010 anyways. All very beautiful covers!!! Gisele’s is my favorite. Very fresh cover.

  18. No matter what Gi is always my favorite & even though the other models look great & deserve credit for their hard work & have earned a cover foto, I still believe that Gi has worked extremely hard to get where she is & to me she is truly “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World!” She has true natural beauty, is a devoted & loving mother, has a great personality & sense of humor, is an independent woman & inspires many people!

  19. I think KAREN for VogueNIPPON was the best!!!
    The styling (Prada’s full look) was spot on and I love Karen’s body language and look for this cover! 😉

    Mmm… Gisele trying to portrait purity and simplicity? I need to digest this a little…

    VogueBrasil & Australia… Mmm… Sorry… Boring…

  20. Emanuela de Paula looks really gorgeous, but my favorite cover has to be Catherine McNeils. But honestly not feeling any of these covers, nothing special

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