1. There are very few universal truths in this world, but “Edita Vilkeviciute is perfection” should be one of them.

  2. You know what MissB, I am going to come right out and say it. If this relatively chaste image of two women holding while semi-nude counts as porn then yes, I am promoting porn. Absolutely. Love the porno. Hooray for smut and if you don’t like it, leave.

  3. Very 80’s Playboy. LOVE.

    I would love to see Freja Beja with Edita though.

    How about Freja Beja and Lara Stone?

  4. I thought the 1st image was Freja and Edita.. then I realized it was Abbey Lee and my 1st thought was “was Freja not available?”

  5. I have Interview right in front of me, it clearly says Abbey. There is a third image where her face is more visible I can add that later if anyone is desperate for proof.

  6. YES PETE!! I don’t think anybody is ready for Lara and Freja in that sorta theme though. They would be “porn” for sure. Abbey does look a lot like Freja here, so off to Barnes & Noble I go so I can get a more intimate look. Anyways, Happy Holidays everyone at MDC!!!

  7. MissB, aren’t most fashion editorials soft core porn in the guise of “art?” Mario Sorrent isn’t known for class anyway. The psudo-lesbian crap gets old after a while, along with those who applaud and participate in it.

  8. Sarah, I’m going to honestly tell you that if you feel that most fashion editorials are “soft core porn in the guise of art” then maybe you should frequent a site that doesn’t post nudity and I mean that in a completely non rude way. I am sure there are fashion blogs out there with a no nudes policy or a NSFW filter. We post nudes here like every other day and will probably keep doing it, not with the intention of offending, but simply because we like the editorials.

    I don’t see where this is psuedo-lesbian crap at all, but maybe that is me. Just because Freja isn’t involved a story doesn’t mean that they can’t explore sensuality between two women. Abbey herself has dated girls in the past, I don’t get a false or fake vibe from any of the energy on the shoot. If anything the dynamic between the two feels very real to me.

    But I am a filthy smut peddling pornographer, bound for hell and loving it.

  9. Even accounting for retouching, the jawline and breasts look more like Abbey’s than Freja. Haha, maybe they overlayed bits of Freja on Abbey ala Kimora Lee/Daria Werbowy legs incident.

  10. Tim C what do you mean Kimora Lee and Daria legs incident?

    Did Kim Lee used Daria’s leg for her ads? I know she’s ambitious, but not shamelessly ambitious to shoot for the Daria parts, Bwa ha ha ha

    Luv you Kim!

  11. Added in the 3rd image for you guys. This is the full editorial – there is also an article on Vera which is very good, but you’ll have to pick up the issue for that of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Janelle, thanks for adding the third photo; it’s almost like a big mystery is solved! lol
    And I loved how you said that Freja is the quintessential go-to girl for female sensuality. That in fact, is so limiting of the fashion world. I personally believe Abbey has much more sensuality to herself and putting so much emphasis on Freja, or one model, is not so progressive.

    But all in all, Edita is the most gorgeous model that can pull off editorials so easily.

  13. Yeah Abbey looks a lot like Freja in the last two shots! Edita has great tits and legs. Man oh man. Interview always seems to be pushing nudity and racy edits so i’ll take it as it is.

  14. OMG!! The second image is absolutely look like Freja Beha Erichsen !!! This ed is amazing!! Always love Edita… and you go Janelle !!! Woohooo!!!

    Amby from Art8amby

  15. @Janelle why aren’t people able to say that they dont like it? nude shots serve their purpose but i do think it gets overused. I dont mind them but honestly it just seems like you are attacking people for simply stating their opinion. I thought that the whole point in being able to submit comments was to express like or dislike for the shown material?

  16. @Elijah I think everyone got to say what they wanted, I certainly didn’t stop anyone from stating their opinion.

    By that same token I am allowed to say what I feel too, aren’t I? If they get to state their opinion, I get to state mine – these things work both ways. I don’t think it counts as attacking, especially compared to some of the comments that we get here that are flat out inflammatory and threatening. You should see some of the rude, curse laden comments that don’t make it onto the site. We’ve gotten people saying that they were going to physically harm us over something as simple as not posting their favorite model.

  17. I think nudity and sexuality should be used discreetly in a fashion shoot. And I know they (photographers, stylists etc.) usually try to create a narrative in a fashion shoot. But there are so many great well-made clothes to show and somehow breasts, bottoms and whatnot keep popping or peeping out uncontrollably ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Janelle –

    ” Weโ€™ve gotten people saying that they were going to physically harm us over something as simple as not posting their favorite model. ”

    Lol. What do I have to do for you to post something about my Idol, Linda Evangelista?

  19. These are beautiful.

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but saying these are the same as porn is just idiotic and insulting to the photographers and models who created this work.
    if you can’t take a few naked breasts and suggestive/erotic photos (which is not the same as porn!) then what are you doing on a fashion web site like this one?

    Is this porn?:

    Or this?:

    I won’t bother showing you example of what real porn is like, you can find plenty of these on your own ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. A little touchy, aren’t we Janelle?

    I don’t have a problem with nudity where it makes sense, but it doesn’t here. It’s almost like the photographer or stylist wanted a chance to see some tits. I am sure this isn’t the case but when random acts of breasts appear for no good reason that is how it comes across. The models, who are both great at what they do, are not showcased at all here, in fact they are so hard to see that people who questioning as to who had been credited. And the fashion? Can barely see that either. Just because it’s photographed & there is some nipple and expensive fabric does not make something edgy or artistic.

    Please explain to me where else I can find two almost naked women touching each other in a sexual manner aside from a pornographic film or magazine & then I will retract my porn comment. But you’re clearly on the “It’s art!” train.

  21. Please explain to me where else I can find two almost naked women touching each other in a sexual manner aside from a pornographic film or magazine

    ROFL Sure.

    See the works of John Currin, Pieter Pauwel Rubens, Nan Goldin, Gustave Courbet, the list goes on.

    You can also check out the films Mulholland Drive, My Summer of Love, Bound, Boys Don’t Cry, The Hunger, Gia, etc. All very good movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I am sure this isnโ€™t the case but when random acts of breasts appear for no good reason that is how it comes across.

    So you basically just discredited 2/3 of the works showcased in museums across the world.

    And what does nudity “making sense” even mean? By human cultural/social logic, the only times nudity “make sense” is 1) During a cleansing process, e.g. shower or 2) During actual sexual intercourse. So you’re saying nudity can only be featured in art depicting those acts?? Ludicrous.

  23. i’m sure everyone chose to click the link to get to this page, no? if its too offending, just dont let your grandchildren see this i guess LoL

    i’m with Janelle!

  24. LOL MissB, please just go away you’re embarassing yourself… funny before you posted you didn’t read mac’s post just above, he’s got two good examples that answered your question before you even asked it!!

    Thank god fashion doesn’t always make sense or isn’t only about what’s practical, but if that’s what you’re looking for then the macys catalog should be all you need!

    And please before you even start arguing about what makes art study a little art history. if you can survive seeing all the naked people you’ll find it quite enlightening.

  25. Helloooo, guys?! Maybe abbey has the same/ a similar hairdo as Freja, but you can see right away that it’s Abbey!
    For me the pics are very sensual, but a bit too much that lesbian-fantasy …

  26. Abbey Lee and Edita are my favourite models
    they are just so hot and sexy together
    they should make love


  27. @Janelle

    LOL you’re kidding right?
    Dude that’s just ridiculous I can’t believe how nuts people are…

    At any rate
    -I’m glad Freja wasn’t used
    -Edita looks superhuman beautiful
    -I feel like they are the model version of the black swan

  28. Sarah and Miss B are not saying anyones going to hell I don’t think, why such dramatic reactions just to people who think its a bit far out? Personally, I don’t think its wrong in any way, I just think its a bit overdone & almost easy, because sexual images are always easier to sell. I think the subtlest things can be more effective.

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