1. Why doesnt she have a contract with VS yet? She makes far more sense than the majority of their current “angel” lineup

  2. Edita is IT**

    She actually happens to be a nudist.
    So this is right down her stream.

    I personally believe that it’s too soon for a major contract. She’s seasoning right now.

    A major contract this early sometimes stunts a magnificent developement. Let us enjoy her dreamy images and look forward to more. Her declaration will come soon enough.

  3. Nigel S., I completely agree. There’s something so sure in her eyes. Mastering modelling is mastering movement, and she’s moving more into her own.

  4. I have to say that especially the second picture is really beautifull, but I wonder what it would have looked like without edita holding the buquet? I think it doesn’t need that and it pulls the attention away from edita and the allready amazingly beautiful background. still a lovely picture

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