The Hard Knock Life

Just when we were wondering what theme Vogue Italia would tackle this month, Steven Meisel strikes out with a fashion response to the recession. In an age of deep cuts, when even the most notable retailers are feeling the pinch Meisel serves up a seamstress inspired editorial featuring the the DiY aesthetic of the time before luxury bubble. With her impish demeanor and lethal stare Darya Kurovska perfectly captures Meisel’s fascination with insouciant youth. Darya’s charm paired with the imaginative styling of Karl Templer calls to mind the days when dressing was all about the ingenuity of the wearer rather than the name on the label.



  1. I love Darya! She reminds me of the girl who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies!

  2. guys..Mr Meisel has nothing to do with those editoral choise.. can u finally mention Franca Sozzani…the editor of both vogue italia and l uomo vogue…

  3. truman,
    you obviously no nothing about how this buisness works…your ignorance baffles me and
    others i`m sure.

  4. yes whateva instead u work for italian vogue with steven meisel n assist him on set…or maybe u have metting with franza sozzani at piazza castello 27 in milano..right????

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