Bits & Bytes: Duality

Jonathan Marquez (masked) and Stephen Thompson (unmasked) in the latest image to appear from the Givenchy S/S 11 campaign by Mert & Marcus (via Design Scene).

Fashionista gives us the masthead from Anna Wintour’s first issue in 1988, talk about a behind the scenes blast from the past.

Up and coming photographers, here’s an article on what to pay your employees. Also from APE, how to shoot motion with stills (it’s not as easy as you think).

Still haven’t gotten your Made in Brazil yet (it’s even hotter, if possible than the first one), go to here in New York, or go to here to order internationally.

Don’t you wish every top model had a devoted fan like Freja Beha Erichsen?

Casting director Maida, who casts the all important Calvin Klein Women and Jil Sander shows, opens up to 160 Grams.

  1. That is 100% Givenchy, all the way. (conceptually) Was most excited to see final casting. I’m still hoping with fingers crossed, that Simon will still make an appearance in the ads. He has had such an incredible run with Givenchy, and kinda hard not seeing him there. (Not to mention I am a hardcore fan of his.)

  2. I honestly don’t like this campaign. Showing that Ricardo Tisci would pick a caucasian albino model shows a lot , its not making any statement its actually a mockery . People with albinism are regular people and seeing desingers take them and making them to be something other just sucks . . The Clothing is cool but this was a fail . If he would have done a campaign with all of the albino models such as connie chiu , diandra forrest and Shawn Ross that would have made much more sense but this is just another cliche movement and afcourse you cliche people in fashion would love it because you know nothing about originality

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