Spring Awakening

S/S Campaigns are trickling in and from the looks of it we can expect an exciting and inventive season of fresh ads. Two of our favorites to debut are from houses who consistently provide great imagery.

Juergen Teller creates a colorful romp for Marc Jacobs’ ads, featuring Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Masha Kirsanova. Wearing straw hats and bright 70s inspired looks from the collection, the duo looks reminiscent of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver.

Givenchy’s spring ads by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are minimal and stark – in contrast to last season’s bright poppy colors. The campaign featuring Daphne Groeneveld, albino male model Stephen Thompson, Iris Strubegger and of course, Mariacarla Boscono.

  1. Usually not too fond on Teller’s photography, but this looks great. Love it. Can’t wait to see shots of the other girls.
    And Givenchy, oh Givenchy. One of my favorite brands with one of my favorite models, and we have yet to see Natasha’s and Mariacarla’s shots. I’m so looking forward to it.

  2. Wow! Daphne Groeneveld rocks!

    But this look is totally Lara Stone…..

    The LARAnization of fashion industry…

  3. Love them both!
    But I’m confused – Caroline is not Top 50, but Ruby Aldridge and Dafne Cejas are? I think the girls nabbing the big labels (Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga, for example) should be the ones ruling the lists.

  4. I agree Charlotte, but I know Carolines entry in the Top 50 is coming any day now. This Marc Jacobs images really make it known that she is very much so relevant in fashion at the present moment. I must admit though, the first time I saw her during the FW10 shows, I thought she would be bigger than she is by now. But we’ll see. On to Givenchy………….where is Simon Nessman Mr. Tisci??

  5. Caroline is too skinny. Uncomfortably so. Models are supposed to be a model of something, to set forth a model. She doesn’t represent anything interesting to me. Dafne does; even at 15 she’s got great character and flair in the photos.

  6. Models in Givenchy this season are Daphne, Natasha, MCB, Iris S and Saskia de Brauw, maybe more.
    Marc Jacobs are Caroline, Masha, Lindsey Wixson, Chloe Memisevic and Kristina Romanova so far.
    So these are not the complete casts so far.

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