1. Flicking through the most recent wonderland issue, this is the edit that defiantly drew most attention between me and my friends, fantastic modeling as well as styling, a real inspiration 🙂

  2. Rose is a bit underrated. She sure knows how to give a bit of face! She looks great in these shots and I hope she gets better throughout her career!

  3. She’s definitely become a better model working the angles and giving more face. No longer the one-look expressionless girl she used to be.

  4. It’s a shame that now that her posing has improved she’s no longer getting much exposure as a model. Nice to see her featured here.

  5. Amazing shoots, good pictures,
    I have to mention that Rose looks amazing in pictures , like her body ! but she dont impressed me in real life at all !!!

  6. Love this shoot… and loving Driu & Tiago, their work is so amazing. i think they’ll be big. rose was a great choice

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