Less Is More

Vogue Russia might be known for over the top escapades (just take a look at the current cover’s Balmain overload) but the magazine is best when it keeps it simple. Case in point, Anthony Maule‘s elegant black and white shots of Caroline Brasch Nielsen, a relatively to the point editorial filled with strong shapes, clean lines and great poses. Géraldine Saglio‘s styling captures the allure of minimalist glam, while showing off a few incredible jewels from the likes of Tiffany and David Yurman.

  1. I agree, the styling is wonderful. But it looks like she had no idea what to do with her face. At least she stopped sucking in those cheeks, though.

  2. Girl looks like a dude. Hmmmm sigh… I miss the days when female models actually looked like females.

  3. I just don’t get the hype about this girl. She’s pretty, but her face in every photo I ever see of her, not just in this edit, is the same…must be an incredible personality.

  4. She looks like an 80’s socialite.

    Love her bird Arms.

    Her face looks healthy even she’s skinny.

  5. In the very beginning I didn’t like Caroline, not at all!, then I reconsidered my opinion, now… I’m kind of… I don’t even know what to think!
    She still gives me the impression she’s one of those models… well, she does well what she has to do (imo on the runway the thing is quite objective), but she simply… I can’t see something peculiar, special, her personal touch – here too. That, and maybe generally that “little more” you may expect from a great model….


  6. Great effort but unfortunately Caroline falls flat, yet again.
    Come on girl, emote something! We know you can do it!

  7. What’s with the comments on this website? It seems if they don’t gush with praise they’re removed. Come on, is that what real discourse is all about? Shouldn’t there be room for genuine conversation about fashion here and not just fluff? Fashion does, after all, infiltrate all facets of our lives.

    (I bet you’re going to prove my point by removing this comment 🙂

  8. ^ Actually I’m going to publish your incredibly relevant comment of “Girl looks like a dude” since it is clearly legitimate fashion discourse and genuine conversation. You really added something to the discussion with that borderline offensive comment that plays into stereotypes about what a woman should look like. Hooray for you.

  9. Thank you for posting my comments and you’re right, Janelle, I should have been more diplomatic.

    What I should have said is having read fashion magazines since the 80s I’ve seen models and styling grow progressively more perverse and androgynous, darker, and at its extremes scary and unhealthy. Many models, to me, look shockingly thin. Is this a sign of our times? The fact that gender lines are becoming blurred? I’m not sure, but I do miss the days when models embodied more health and glow (i.e. the 90s supes). Also, as a petite woman who dresses in a very feminine way (long hair and dresses, classic not hard-edged) it’s becoming increasingly rare that I see my image reflected in high fashion.

  10. c’mon don’t be daft MAC! models are only so thin because it translates well onto photos or videos that is copied and copied and recopied and uploaded and posted and scanned back in and posted again. it’s just a solution to modern technology.
    ……….when your nostalgic curvy womanly models ruled the fashion world there wasn’t much media besides magazines, even retouching back then wasn’t anything like it is today….
    and the healthy glow you so long to see again is easily recaptured by excellent make up artists. check out that 80’s glow from the chloe show a few seasons back or spr/sum 11 rufian show…
    until we get a grasp and some order on technology can we start to produce more “real” looking women in the modelling industry…..
    besides, you have to credit designers like lagerfeld and gaultier for using fuller models in their shows sometimes….and what about comeback stars like erin wasson???
    ….if you really have something to say about then get out there and change it yourself!if you are in the industry why not start using shorter and shorter models. at least nowadays they arent all russian 6 feet amazons, but range from 170-up…
    one person can make a change you know!!

  11. Third photo…looks rather like she’s wearing a leather chair from the waist down.

    Not finding any of the rest much more appealing.

    Pretty girl.

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