Bits & Bytes: Iman by Christiaan

Iman by Christiaan.

“A picture is a poke in the eye of that reality.”
-Christian Houtenbos from Intermission Magazine interview.

Intermission Magazine celebrates their new website with a story by top hairstylist Christiaan on his 40+ years of polaroids. We spot Iman, Grace Jones and Calvin Klein, from the 70’s/80’s. Some of our favorites? Janice Dickenson’s pre-surgery face and Gia Carangi looking like Cindy Crawford mixed with Sheila Marquez.

Fashion News:

Love this red accented camouflage travel collection created exclusively for the Corner by Trussardi (via FWD). And if you’ve never heard creative director/photographer Milan Vukmirovic‘s sexy accent, there’s also a video at the link.

If you haven’t yet seen the list of winners at the British Fashion Awards, go here now. Phoebe Philo won Designer of the Year and Lara Stone of course, for Model of the Year.

Marilyn Minter shoots the new Jimmy Choo campaign.

Modeling News:

Speaking of Ms. Stone, the Stone clones have arrived, so says Jezebel. We, though, think each girl is uniquely gorgeous… What say you?

Have you kept track of all the pregnant models in the last year? NY Magazine’s got a count for you.

Yves Saint Laurent wants YOU for their new ad campaign. If you’re lucky.….


Into the Gloss chats with top hairstylist/Grace Coddington significant other, Didier Malige.

If you missed it, here’s Nick Knight’s conversation with BoF.

The future of advertising.. and it ain’t pretty for the ad agencies.

Hero Magazine collaborates with JW Anderson for a limited edition exclusive t-shirt with all profits going to charity. It’ll be the first of an ongoing series.

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  1. I think girls should be allowed have big boobs , big lips , blonde hair and a gap in her front teeth and not be branded a Lara Stone clone .A certain look may be in at a certain time thanks to a particular top model, Gemma Ward being responsible for the doll like models but each one of them was successful in their own right and no one now is going to associate Jessica Stam or Lisa Cant with Gemma Ward now .
    Plus , I think Ashley Smith was always going to be successful and no one looks like Daphne Groeneveld

  2. Iman – so calm, cool and collected.
    The result is so amazing when you cross reference the past and present of someone like Iman. Things become so clear.

    Lovely lot of polaroids.

    The girls noted in the Jezebel slot were certainly fashioned after Lara. She created a niche for such pronounced features but hopefully the girls will have the opportunity to flourish on their own merit.

    Sort of like Jessica Miller in the wake of Daria.

  3. I don’t mind that girls have a gap on their teeth, I mean Lara is not my favourite model because of her walk bit I think that fashion has to be open in terms of allow every type pf beauty, not only what looks beatiful. JEZEBEL YOU ARE WRONG!!!
    By the way she misses Lindsey Wixson, maybe she does not have big boobs but she is in that “category” I would like to meet her!!
    I have a question, what’s the name of the girl on the picture 6????
    She is great!!

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