1. great! something new.
    bored of this classy editorials wet hair, beach, or a rich woman in a unusal place -.-

    love this!

  2. So nice to see such a creative editorial!

    And so nice to see Victoire, one of my favorite new faces from F/W 10.

  3. I get a fresh feeling out of this. I like, very minimal, futuristic, and alluring. Very dimensional, and makes me want to make a puzzle out of it.

  4. Love it. I immediately thought of the incredible work titled “Humanity” by one of my absolute favorite artist; M.C. Escher.

  5. You can stare at the pictures for several minutes a piece, and notice something new every few minutes. Such a weird yet appealing mix of shapes and the model.

  6. Like it, but it reminds me of last year’s “defragmentation of beauty” featuring freja and all that… like it? yes. fresh? not really

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