1. It looks like a italian lady
    thats very gaudy in away, mostly the hair.
    i love edita, she’s so amazing.
    i actually love this.

  2. I love the big hair!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been thinking about it, I think it should make a comeback, all this tied back, relaxed, subdued formal styles are BORING me…

  3. I Love The 3rd, 4th And 5th Picture. The 4th The Most Though I Love The Way The Women Are So Happy And The Way There Just Stood There With Food And Drink And Smokes In Hand Haha Anyway Yeah It’s Cute. Where Was The Editorial Shot BTW?


  4. It’s a little weird for me. Brilliant colors AND bright ideas…it makes it a little clashy for me. Not classy. Clashy. :/ But they are beautiful pictures and she’s beautiful and the clothes are beautiful, just all together it’s a bit much

  5. So stunning. Work that McQueen coat.
    She is the supermodel of the near tomorrow!
    My top “new” girl.

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