Seeing Double

Sølve Sundsbø is a master of slick futurism and he brings his signature touch to the pages of Interview with a deceptively simple story. Ludivine Poiblanc styles Anais Mali and Melodie Monrose in glamorous pieces that are feminine yet dramatic. The combination of restrained color palate, choice pieces from the Spring collections and sensual poses from Anais and Melodie makes for an engaging and memorable tale.

  1. In the words of Mia Michaels – “gorgeois!!!”
    Get it ladies, get it! They are poise to create serious strides in fashion. Hopefully their management will continue to be stellar. I wish them a world of success.

  2. RayH; OMG, are you the idiot who commented on Melodie Monrose last time that “its about time there’s a black model with white features” or something like that.

    Really, what’s wrong with you?

  3. So impressed on an all black girls editorial with the lack of Grace Jones reference and props to them looking hot and contemporary. even digging the almost terry Richardson vibe in the third picture!!!!!!!

  4. Ray H … Tut tut tut…what were you thinking…’ll get over it I’m sure, if not it’ll come back round and bite you in the ass! and deservedly so…..

    Superb Images, beautiful..

  5. Gorgeous photos and once again Solve shows why he is the best!
    But i am sick of seeing this one sided black beauty.
    You know what you are doing wit minds of colored girls… no wonder everyone is doing nose jobs and God knows what..
    Fashion is sick and ignorant.. Please look around, how many black girls look like this..
    we need more of Aleks , Ajuma, sonja Wanda kind fo girls 100% black beauties!

  6. RayH:

    get a clue, you ignoramus. if you want “white women dipped in chocolate”? you should make it happen in your own life, but don’t come here and berate more common african features.

    these women are beautiful black women, in their own rights as Black Women. period.

    please keep your sapid thoughts to yourself.

  7. @Alex says(December 3rd, 2010
    at 7:12 am) I think I know what you are getting at, but maybe you have also jumped the gun. You weren’t better than vague about what’s so objectionable. For certain, this business chooses people with a certain look. If editors and managers spent more time noticing beautiful African women, they would realize what spectacular natural features they have, but the women also have to make their way to the scene. I have seen many women with features like this. In any case, Anais is African and Polish. Melodie is from Martinique, and I don’t know her precise ethnicity beside African.

    …and yes, RayH’s comment was rather ignorant.

  8. I think those kinda girls are just black and shouldn’t be considered African because to be African you got to be born in Africa have what must African have which is flat nose ,round or square face and darker natural complections.I am sick of mixed models in the fashion industry being considered as face of African models but I am sorry they are not.It is almost like saying Japanese,Indians and Chinese are the same people .
    I am not racist but it’s time editors,casting directors straighten up there view of what African person looks like and a black person who are mixed with white or other cultures …unless they look like Alek,Ataui,Ajuma,Ajak or atong then my apologize but those girls are half white and Caribbean/Trinidad mixed with other culture.They only use models like that because the can blend in with the white crowd what about the African models why aren’t they featured like this and shows just because they have strong looks….you’ll should be ashamed casting directors/editor.

  9. @fashionisforsuckers.. oh come on, so Liya or Iman are not African?? I think African beauty is pretty diverse, from very dark-skinned to light skinned, big noses, small noses, big lips, small lips.. come on, to say that a girl is not African unless she looks like Alek or Ajuma is pretty ignorant.

  10. @Ray H: you should be ashamedof yourself..
    @carola , axeb

    First of all i never said that they arent black but they certainly arent representing the majority, secondly i have been working in this business for like 10 years now. and i have worked day and night to get diversity and than i mean black and everything between black and white.
    I am sick and tired of people telling me that there are light skinned africans, mates i know!!.. But why always choose the ones who look caucasian friendly.. No offense but even Tyra and Naomi are mix. the typical african features are still not cosnidered beautiful in western world.
    I have personal experience from bookers, stylists to big big clients refusing models cuz they look TOO african…
    can someone explain?
    Even this one time, this agency spoke to me reg. a mix girl to do her nose job so she can get more work… I have a list of things. you guys will be shocked!!
    None the less one of the very famous black models have to undergo surgery to get a “white” nose to get jobs,i wont mention her name but you see her in BIG beauty ads.
    this is sick sick business and i wanna make a change but i just feel ppl are ignorant and not so open minded.. and please dont comment back with some useless argument. I can write a book about diversity..
    PS: Throwing in an african or chinese girl now and than to get into new markets is a good strategy. Most prominently China to be presise..
    Wakeup everyone and smell the coffee, its 2011 and we still have so much racial issues..

  11. Why is the first thing u guys noticed is their color people always wanna put african american women or women of color in category when we have different ranges of features we clearly don’t come one way our noses lips eyes cheeks come in all different assortments even our bodies its the ignorance of the statement of white girls dipped in chocolate that will hold fashion back and it will be a riot if this continues to happen look at your history people if u don’t want any trouble some changes need to be made.

  12. Hey Alex,
    About the top black model who did a nosejob, you are talking about Jessica White…right…
    well you are right…clients are very objective using a black girl with african features…and prefer black/mixed girls with european (nose) features…which is a distrubing message the beauty industry is sending to our many black girls/women growing up…however their are many types of black beauty…of which Melodie is part of and doing her utmost best to do her job well and trying to make her people proud also… Lets hope the industry (beauty and commercial) will embrace more different types of black girls..and use them in their ads/publications and see that these girls can sell just as well.

  13. To carola says:
    I am not being ignorant but setting the facts…how many African girls do you see doing beauty or commercial campaign….so please don’t tell me those girls don’t look like white girls with dark contrast.
    I was born in Africa and our people have a vibrate personality as well as look.We are not mixed when we want to by dark shades of makeup we can’t find it because the darkest is made for a mixed black girl…it’s like our chocolate dark skin don’t exist in the range of browns.

    People like you are ignorant because you don’t want to face the facts,

  14. They do look a-maz-ing. Haha I kind of love how this became an anti-RayH thing for a bit and well, I can see he maybe should have kept it to himself but look at the first picture, it’s kinda true. I so want to look like them, so jealous lol.

  15. I think the best thing to do is ignore commentors like Rah h.. hes obviously saying these things for a reaction… sometimes the best thing to do is ignore this kind of ignorance… I know people have a right to their opinion but I also think the moderators/ owners of this site should really edit some comments some things should not be posted, I really think its in bad taste and can prove to be dangerous.

  16. This is amazing. Looks so effortless and has a great flow. Perfect casting and styling. We need more of this and less of overstyled and editorials that try to hard to be cool…

  17. @fashion but there are a bunch of dark-skinned African models, girls like Ajuma, Alek Wek, Oluchi, Kiara Kabukuru, and those last three were HUGE in their day. I still wonder why Alek hasn’t joined Kristen and the others in their comebacks, she looks sensational, like she hasn’t aged a day since 1997.

    I agree that people shouldn’t be calling a girl “African” just because she’s black, find out where she’s from first. Of course they have African roots if they’re black, but it’s kinda dumb, like when people see a Latina and immediately say she’s Mexican lol.

    How come nobody complains about “not enough Indian models”?? There are like 2 Indian top models, Ujjwala and Lakshmi, in a country FULL of beautiful women (and men). I think it’s a shame. At least there are a lot of Asian and black models (compared to even 10 years ago), but Indian models, can’t think of a lot.

  18. To Carola,

    Alek has done some LITTLE comeback but not so big the fashion world has “CHANGED BIG TIME SINCE 2000 arrived.She is not a white or mixed women who can go and comeback without struggle even though she is well known and designer’s can’t afford to pay her rates.As for Kristen I think she is making money from commercial side then in fashion.Ajuma use to be a Victoria secret model and well I think she got replaced by Chanel Iman,Linda Evangelista comes back and she gets to be in Fashion Tv talking about her comeback as well as appearing at Christian Dior runway show.

    As for Indian models and Asian models they are put into the less black/African models category .For some Indian girls to be a model they need to get approval of there family.They are not only have to worry about breaking out but also there cultural believes about how women can’t bare themselves openly.Only some who go against there cultural viewing or married to a man who stands by them makes it big.For Asian models they are also stereotyped because they kind of look alike or have less facial expression to work with and in the runway for those with flat nose tend to lose there nose because of bright lights but if they pose in 3/4 profile they get better pictures still.

    As for there runways and editorials there is less white models and more European models who come from Russia,Poland,Swiss and so on.
    This new generation of fashion(directors,casting directors,designers,MUA,editors) has lost what made models unique in the 80’s to 90’s where you can see black,African,whites,Indians and so on very healthy on the runways and magazines.

    And now since Technology and fashion shows are becoming a norm in the designer world soon there is not going to be runway shows life expect on the web.

    It is SAD SAD at the end of the day or years to come and not see equally blacks/African,Asians,Indians,white and Euro models on the same Runway.THANKS TO LONDON AND PARIS THOSE MODELS FROM AROUND THE WORLD CAN ACTUALLY BE SEEN ON THE CATWALK…NEW YORK NEEDS TO GROW A LOT AND MILAN TO EXTEND TO HAVE AFRICAN MODELS TOO NOT JUST MIXED MODELS.

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