Winter Treat

Diego Miguell by Cristiano Madureira for Made in Brazil Magazine #2.

For’s 2nd Made in Brazil Magazine giveaway, click here to see who the lucky winners are, just in time for the holidays.

Didn’t win? Buy your own copy of the limited edition (only 1,000 copies) Made in Brazil Magazine #2 directly from MiB here.

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  1. He is hot.. and incredibly agile/capable. There is a video somewhere around (of course you can find it on youtube)of Diego performing some wonderful and mightily impressive acrobatics out @ the Chelsea Piers.

    What the hey;

    And his great movements were captured in still by Greg Broom for DaMan mag.

  2. trumancapote- THIS is soft porn? Considering the number of bare breasts I see on this website on a daily basis, I find it funny that you find THIS of all things to be soft porn.

  3. Yasmin, stand like that, with most pressure in your front leg, and look in a mirror. It’s not that wierd.

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