Pattern Play

Vogue Nippon gives us a look at resort’s finest prints and patterns, with a festive editorial by Josh Olins. The saturated colors and vivid ensembles styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, create a vacation feel with a surrealist twist; the sets by Kadu Lennox are beautiful, but just a little spooky too. As always Guinevere Van Seenus adds a touch of class to the story with her serene presence, making pieces from Chanel, Prada and Giorgio Armani look ravishing.

  1. The magic of Guinevere is that, she has a “feel”. Her face takes you somewhere like in a time or a place. And she still has it.

  2. Wow Guinevere is a sensational model. I have to admit it took me years to finally “get” her, I thought her face was too tough for fashion, her body kinda weird for a model. Well I still think all of those things but she really knows how to make any style her own, she looks great in anything. And looking at her old editorials, she was sensational, I just didn’t get her back then. Modeling is no rocket science but it really is an art, you have to be born to do what some of these girls can do with what normally would be an ordinary picture of a girl in a dress. I know a good photographer and team behind a picture have a lot to do with it, but you have nothing without a really good model.

  3. I really like this editor, there is a kind of magic and poetry inside.
    the second picture is AMAZING!!!

  4. GODDESS. had forgotten how amazingly unique guinevere is as a model. she is one of the few who can make a trash bash blue chip. long long long career ahead (and behind already). brava!

  5. These are Collector’s Edition, i may say!

    If you have this Face, you don’t need the body of a 6 ft, 17 year old Russian model, lol.

  6. uh… odd..and drab…. if they’re trying to promote the milky white / no tan skin look, they haven’t made it appealing in this editorial

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