1. this is so great. Kate is amazing, and this editorial remindes me of some stuff she did back in the 90s. I adore the second picture.

  2. If I never see another photo of Kate Moss wearing too much eyeliner and looking bored it will be too soon.

  3. Oh I don’t know. After seeing Gisele looking so sensational post-birth, I really don’t care about Kate anymore, she looks tired. I don’t see any iconic pictures here, it just looks tired and bland. Imagine Lara Stone or Gisele in this editorial, now that would’ve been gorgeous.

  4. carola I beg to disagree. Kate did a magnificent job, and I don’t think Gisele could’ve done a better job at all. Sure, Giselle’s body is way hotter, but her more basic Brazilian face features don’t compare to the allure Kate brings to the camera. Kate is the iconic model of all time, and can’t wait until models.com crowns her queen once again.

  5. Not the best but OK;
    Kate looks the best with her natural hair color… so not too blonde or too dark ( in this shoot it’s pretty dark though, no?)

  6. Love her with darker hair, much more sensual. She beautifully emmits the subdued but blatant sexual demeanor so indicative of a free wheelin’ good time of yore.

    Sexy spread.

  7. This particular shoot would not have been fitting for either Lara or Edita. The product would yield something a different.

    Keep in mind that a shoot/look is crafted around a certain model; her figure – her skill/ movement – her aura & of course her status, in this case Madame Moss.

    You can’t always just copy and paste another model in and expect the same effect. The only other model that comes to mind for this particular shoot would be Natalia V.

  8. Kate rules and looks great here as always. Nice feel, but some of the images here are problematic with distracting elements that do not serve the image such as the leaves and counter top.


  10. love these retro style pics and kate looks amazing (and healthier too with more meat on her bones compared to years ago when she looked like she was self destructing)

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