1. Incredible! I thought that wat Scarlett J, good work on part of Meisel’s post production team.

  2. can we start naming who the retoucher is? cause in many of the works we see lately, 50%+ of the effort comes from the retoucher, without them, no magic!

  3. Well,well,well….that’s a well deserved slap in the face to all the eliza doubters don’t ya think…guess they can now log off and get back to flipping burgers….well done eliza and congratulations models.com team for recognising true talent!!! X

  4. the hand look so forced n totally in the wrong position….
    she s anmazing..but ….photoshop….any of u guys ever meet Sasha or Stam?if u did u know what i m talking about…lol..no Meisel..just photoshop..plus if any of urs know little more…the assistent shoot n Meisel s loking atthe screen…so….good job…lol

  5. Are you kidding?
    This cover has very little to do with Eliza. It barely even looks like her! It would be so much more beautiful with Naty or Jac, or how about the extraordinary Ewelina!
    Sorry. Still not a fan when there are so many other INCREDIBLE girls out there.
    Gotta go flip my burgers now 🙂

  6. I don’t know what poetry has to do with this shot but to me, it just looks like a normal photo with random brush strokes, set on color mode, via photoshop of course. Sometimes, the fashion world can really overlook things and make a huge story out of nothing. And it usually end up being really silly…

  7. Yeah, it’s a good shot…but…personally I’d like to see Alana Zimmer or Georgina S here. I think they would have owned the picture more. Eliza just isn’t a model to me. Just my opinion…

    Looks like I’m just a fast food burger flipper too, huh?

  8. Oooo yeah, Georgina would have been perfect for this cover. Good call, Charlotte!
    Would you like fries with that???
    Hee hee.

  9. I’ve met Eliza quite a few times now, and she really isn’t anything special in the flesh. However, she HAS been involved in several really good shoots, and you can’t take that away from her. She has an incredible ability to look completely different in every job, but maybe the credit for that should go to the team of people involved in each shoot.

    On another note, the whole Eliza bashing and venom aimed at other “cool kids” like Pixie/Ash and Daisy is getting out of hand. As I said, I’ve met most of them quite a few times, and although they’re a bit loud and sometimes immature, they’re still nice enough people at heart.

  10. meisel gone crazy what is this???? … VIVA TESTINO / FABIEN BARON / DAVID SIMS … out meisel

  11. Eliza Cummings’s got what it takes to be a successful model …she is part of my favourite ones so far!!!

  12. oh you burger flippers may make smug comments…but where are your Italian Vogue covers? Easy to be venomous from behind a keyboard…not so easy inspiring Meisel to shoot you not only for the story inside but the cover for Italian Vogue.

    Learn to embrace success rather than hate it and perhaps you too one day might make something of yourselves other than being nothing more than yet another tiresome keyboard critic.

  13. trumancapote , i think you’ll find that just because an assistant clicks to take the photo doesnt mean they are in charge of the vision or actual shot- nick knight, corinne day etc also work like that- so are you saying this has nothing to do with meisel? rather you diss his taste in models and photography than me- and personally i love his vision and the entire team do a great job-its a collaboration woth great photographer, hair, makeup,styling, model and retouching-

    and seriously would some of you guys get a life- you spout bitchiness about models and the jealousy thing is getting a little tired.

    eliza is working with the best teams in the business and lets face it they have earnt their right to be at the top so if they are inspired by a girl that counts for more than you guys sitting at your keyboards having a bitch…and seriously didnt know mcd’d provided you with computers…how sweet of them

  14. I think the all the name-calling comments here were actually made by the those of you claiming to be supportive – Burger Flippers, Venomous, Tiresome Keyboard Critics… now that is bitchiness.
    Just because many of us are not fans of the current trend with Meisel’s work doesn’t make us “jealous” or “hateful.” I think it is important to question things and not just accept whatever is dished out as Gospel.
    The “get a life” comments are probably the most ridiculous as there is no way to know who is posting and how successful they are in life/fashion.
    Not to mention, you are obviously reading and posting too. What does that make you?

  15. You’re right Not Tonight Josephine.
    Since I haven’t appeared on any Italian Vogue covers, my opinion is worthless.
    Thanks for the insight!

  16. I never thought fashion people would react like 14 years old girls…
    For some reason, I always associated fashion with politeness but it seems that all the sensational french word that you guys use here and there are just for the kicks and not because you are cultivated…
    (most french words used to create sensationalism are badly employed anyways, even by vogue…)

  17. um, everyone here is a 14 years old girl, ATP. and it seems like you have not met many fashion people… many are educated but manners are scarce for sure. also, french is nothing more than a language, don’t eat up the propaganda

  18. yo i know were not together anymore, but she is fucking rockin’ and deserves to do well so bad no matter what anyone ever said about the girl.



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