1. it does scream Supermodel,fittingly. That is what I love about her. She has so much power and presence. loves it! That is one stunning face portrait if i’ve ever seen one, I must say. WOW

  2. Her bone structure is flawless. I just love the curve of her eyebrow bone to the cheekbones. simply beautiful. She is a fresh choice for a VI cover as she has not had one since 2001! loves it.

  3. The one and only, UBERMODEL!!! Hasn’t been with VS in years and STILL crushes the competition and manages to make millions upon millions each year.

  4. ok, we know she make milions that is for sure
    ive heard this storrryyyy manny times…
    instead i would prefer a fresh face such as arizona muse to see on italian vogue cover or caroline brasch nielsen. time for something new..or maybe kinga rajzak, dudes have you all seen the leaked prada ad? its gorgeous…

  5. beautiful cover.
    as it captures her dynamic spirit.

    but yes, too much photoshop.
    gisele’s face at this angle is a lot harsher before photoshop especially as she has matured. she’s usually best shot with the camera at an angle a little bit lower (or with her chin raised much higher) to soften the “barbara streisand” features.

  6. Gisele,Kate,Linda and co. ain’t going anywhere,they are fashion royalty.
    and how do you know for 2011 there won’t be any fresh meat? lol…This is a great way to end the year. Her face looks stellar here. Not one thing wrong. why would we want a soft pudge face on the cover of VI? are you kidding me? no thanks. Besides as far as I’m concerned she is a fresh choice for VI. Hasnt been on the cover since 2001 (I dont count meiselpic really) and hasnt been inside since 04.

  7. hmm some of you act as if she is in every editorial,every ad cmapaign,every runway show there is, lol. Actually last year was a “low” year for her. She only got one fashion campaign and like 4 eds. Please, I can think of 20 other models who we see WAY more than her. It is true though, that when she does work, its always A list, so maybe that’s why. I just wouldn’t hold your breath. Its not like we will see her on the cover of good housekeeping anytime soon….

  8. @Gustavo

    Don’t you dare utter those Words…. lol. Linda is LINDA, and Gisele is well, Gisele…. It’s like comparing Madonna and Mariah Carey….. Passion over raw talent, and one Queen still reign supremes….. Madonna /Linda!!!

    Gisele is great but she has a lot more to prove to be in Linda’s level. Artistic wise.

  9. shes the only supermodel left and its getting old because shes not even a supermodel but more lyk an icon because she’s been it since 1998….im boreeeeddddddddd of kate, gisele, and lara doing everything! i need a new breed of supermodels as well as a black supermodel and not just ONE UBERMODEL

  10. its not her fault she’s the only supermodel left. lol alot of new girls are pretty, but bland. Im sure that Meisel or Anna Wintour arent running to book them. Gisele is Gisele.

  11. gisele is the last topmodel of world after claudia,linda evangelista,twige,kate,naomi gisele is the last topmodel and the big incon number 1

  12. ok, gisele doesnt do high fashion jobs a lot anymore but she have BIG CONTRACTS over the world… in brazil she doing campaign for tv brand, apartaments, credit card, shoes, clothes, shampoos, etc etc… making a lot of money
    why she wants do editorials if she can do money with all types of clients?
    shes one of my favs… AMAZING.

  13. Meisel is a genius. Total genius. So great to see Gisele on the cover of VI. It’s been quite some time since she had once, which just proves that the girl still has “it.” This cover just screams 90s supermodel. The hair and the dramatic makeup plus the black and white imaging give it a nice retro feel. Gisele is simply stunning. I know some of you wanted a “fresh face.” I can understand that, but Gisele is Gisele. The woman delivers every single time. She’s what VI is about.

  14. for sure she makes u turn ur head… 🙂 about high fashion i doubt that any1 with a little bit of knowledge d put giselle n in the same room with linda chrsty naomy naida stella karen n kate… giselle like lara sell them self which in the particolar case s just sex not fashion they r the only 2 who str8 guys will run after 🙂 n btw this cover s ..not vogue italia could be at most W..

  15. To Jasmine … Gisele was pregnant last year maybe thats the reason you only saw her in one campaign .. this girl is Major and if you you ever meet her in person you will truly understand why she is so sucessfull . Her personality is amazing and the way she deals with everyone she meets from the housekeeper to the hair dresser , photographers , etc ..
    she treats everyone the same way and with a smile on her face . Gisele was born to be star and i am sure she will be till the end .

  16. Goddess. Giselle is the tops. And any nitwit that says she is boring needs to peel their lazy ass off the computer chair and go get a freaking life. FIN.

  17. To me this is almost boring… I like the dynamic shot, but the rest is just whatever…

    I’ll get this Vogue still, but I’m not jumping of joy for the cover!

  18. The main ed of Gisele is amazing! Brilliant styling by Panos again. Meisel + Panos is magic. Hope this means they are teaming up frequently…

  19. yes I know Marc. she was pregnant last year and still had a great year. she isn’t a commercial model and she isnt a high fashion model; she is the better and most rare of kind: Supermodel! you cant define her. She models for shampoo one day and VI the next. Just as the 90s Supers before her did.
    that is one beautiful face on the cover. I cant believe some who say she is ugly. ugly cannot take a picture like THAT!

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