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Another day, another tantalizing glimpse at Tom Ford‘s issue of Vogue Paris. This time around the editorial is shot by Mr. Ford himself and styled by none other than Carine Roitfeld. Considering the duo’s lengthy history of creating controversy inducing imagery together at Gucci, it is only natural that this story pushes a few buttons. Ford’s surgery-centric tale of a woman’s body modifications, looks eeriely similar to the classic Makeover Madness special from Vogue Italia, but with Crystal Renn in the starring role and an extra layer of sex added into the mix, it is just different enough to keep us interested.

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  1. these pics are cool…and a lil creepy.. but i recently read Crystal Renns (forgot title :s) and its strange to see her thin again..Though i think she looks good with all her body sizes. i just hope her NEW new imagine is healthy and meaningful

  2. Am sorry- this is so ridiculous. The girl who was pushing the plus size mvmt has drastically lost weight and is unrecognizable from some of the “regular sized” girls. And people are hiring her??? With perhaps more gusto than before. It’s embarrassing for the industry which losses the ability to defend itself and it sets the mvmt back another couple of years.

  3. completely agree with izzy ^^

    she was all over the media in almost every daytime talkshow possible complaining about size 0 in fashion and now that she gets all the publicity she loses a bunch of weight and book all these jobs? shes not even that impressive

  4. The thing is this is no different from Sophie Dahl, remember exploded as a plus size model onto the fashion scene, feted as a whole “new” aesthetic and two seasons later was indistinguishable from any other model in terms of body size. We can’t know what goes on inside the industry to these girls personally, but the pressure to conform, even when they made their names not conforming must be immense. Fashion loves novelty and it’s a sad fact that in order to keep working that girls like REnn and Dahl probably have to lose weight if they want to be more than a one season wonder. I also think it’s a case of protesting too much sometimes, people want to belong despite the fact they say they’re happy being individual and bucking the status quo. If Renn is happy, healthy and working then why must she be an advocate for anyone but herself. Fashion careers are very short after years of struggle she has one – she wanted to be a model, not a spokeswoman for the plus sized movement, originally. Maybe it’s time to judge her as a model and nothing more.

  5. last picture werbowy-istic. i totally dislike the editorial. topic has been covered many times. and correct me if im wrong, but isnt renn a plus size? nothing wrong with loosing weight IN A HEALTHY WAY of course, but it was a nice change and a fresh approach for a while seeing her everywhere as a PLUS SIZE. there is absoluetly nothing i like here.

  6. this editorial is amazing. we all know its been done. but this has more raw and goriness to it.

    i think she is physically still consistent..its matter of the pose and the angle of the camera. look at the muscle and the strength in her arms. its not like she is Olga Sherer or Magdalena skinny

  7. I have to say having just seen the whole story, Steven Meisel did a much wittier and far more subtle take on this theme with the goddess Linda Evangelista in Vogue Italia July 2005.

  8. To Sam’s point,
    Ok, so fine, if she wants to be nothing more than a model she should not have come out and vocally taken a stand for something (i.e. the plus sized mvmt within the industry), and then dropped it like a hot rock once she got famous. It’s as though she exploited the cause to gain recognition. If she wanted to be seen as nothing more than a model than she should have kept her mouth shut about the issue.
    It’s a complete sham. That spot that she took should have been given to someone who actually did care about advancing the issue in the modeling world.

    And as per the pressure to conform- well so what. You do not become famous for being ordinary. Extraordinary people stand up to enormous pressures and that is what makes them…. well, extraordinary. Fashion needs exceptional people, not just another run of the mill girl and that is what should set these girls apart.

  9. I’m surprised they did this. I agree with Sam W’s comment comparing this to Steven Meisel’s plastic surgery mega story: it is not possible to top Meisel’s Total Makeover, which was one of the best things he’s ever done. Seeing this made me look at that issue of Vogue Italia again and I am, once again, blown away. This is very eh in comparison.

    Love Crystal. That last pic is good. Very Scotty Vacarro!

  10. Love the make-up but not much fashion to see.
    The last photo looks like one famous tranny but forgot her name.

  11. sorry but ford r roitfeild together r not enough to double the unforgivable MAKEOVER MADNESS that meisel shot for italian vogue few years ago…

  12. How do we know this is Renn?

    The body doesn’t look like hers…

    The face is always covered.

    The last picture is scary

    Is Tom Ford pulling a prank on us?

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