Portia’s Mystery

We are only moments away from a new Vogue Italia and while the issue isn’t in our hands just yet there are a few especially interesting previews. Portia Freeman, looks dainty as she plays dress up in the sort of overgrown closet fashion followers dream about. The plucky Brit beauty lounges in a chair looking girlishly sweet then does a complete 180 to don extreme hair and makeup. How does this fit into the final story? Only Steven Meisel knows for sure, but he never fails to keep us intrigued with his unique flights of fashion fancy.


images courtesy of Joy Milan

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  1. I simply don’t like this girl and don’t get why meisel had to revive her when there are other gorgeous and intriguing girls in the city.

  2. Agreed.
    I’m wondering if Mr. Meisel has recently set himself a challenge to make average looking models into stars???
    Between this girl, Eliza & Peaches, I’m looking for inspiration elsewhere.

  3. portia you look amzing. i love it how she can change her look she is feirce.. love you portia me and you always x x

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